My ANA VISA Platinum Card got Scammed!

credit card scam

Fraudulent activity on my ANA SFC VISA Platinum Card

I was having breakfast this morning when I got an abrupt call from VISA.

They were politely throwing me questions right off the bat like

  • Did you purchase anything on Apple Store a few minutes ago?
  • Did you buy anything at a jewelry shop this morning?” 

I got scammed a few years ago when I was using the American Express Platinum Card so I immediately knew someone had their hands on my credit card info.
I don’t know where the information leaked this time but it was probably from a shop in the US where I had shopped online.


How did AMEX treat me when my credit card got scammed?


They were great.
They got rid of the fraudulent charges, no questions asked.
The replacement card was delivered to me the next day. 
That’s the service you get when you’re paying 100,000 Yen in annual fees.

In my experience, AMEX handles admin stuff like this the best.

In all honesty, I would love to be back with AMEX.
The Gold Rewards Card that I had when I was in the US was like the awesomest card on the planet.
Nonetheless, I’m using the ANA VISA Platinum right now after considering the miles I get per Yen spent, among other things.

So, you may be wondering how VISA treated me this time around.
Keep on reading to find out!


How did VISA treat me when my card got scammed?

ANA visa platinum

They were great!

The fraudulent charges were removed, no questions asked.
They weren’t able to deliver a replacement card the next day, but they said they’ll do their best to get it to me within a few days.
Not as good as AMEX but not bad. Not bad at all.


It’s times like this when the Platinum Card really shines

The Amex Platinum Card and the ANA VISA Platinum are both really expensive cards to hold and I hate paying the annual fees.

But it’s times like this when I’m really glad that I did.
You may get the same treatment with non-Plat cards, but for me, I prefer to minimize the risk of getting shitty treatment when you least want it.


So that gets me wondering…what card shall I be using before I get my replacement…
Come on man! I should be taking this opportunity to save up, not use more money!!!


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