ARCTERYX Arro 22 – Backpack Review

arcteryx arro 22 oshmans edition backpack review

The Everyday Backpack that I’m using now

I’m being a little restless for the past few days because my Peak Design Everyday Backpack should be arriving any day now.

The package is already in Japan and it should arrive today or tomorrow.

package tracking

My hopes are high for the Peak Design Everyday Backpack so I am really excited.
Today I’m going to introduce my current “everyday backpack” to build up the excitement until the Peak Design Everyday Backpack arrives.

The backpack that I’m currently using is the Arro 22 from Arcteryx.
I took it with me on a bike ride over the weekend so I have some pictures of it in action to go along with the review.




Basic Specs

  • Size: 52cm×33cm×17cm 
  • Weight: 1,100g
  • Capacity: 22L



  • Water Tight Zippers (an Arcteryx original) to prevent water from getting into the bag
  • Unique curvy form
  • Huge kangaroo pocket
  • Hydration bladder sleeve and hose clip
  • Heavily padded shoulder straps


Situations where I use the Arro 22

  • When riding my bike with a decent load of luggage
  • When going shopping on my bike
  • Vacation trips

I don’t do outdoor activities so it’s mainly for urban use.


The reason I got the Arro 22

Backpacks can come in handy in many situations so I was always on the look out for a good one.
I started out with the backpacks from high end brands (Michael from Louis Vuttion, V136 from Prada and backpacks by Mont Blanc).
But they all didn’t work for me and I let most of them go.

What didn’t work for me were the straps.
I have sloping shoulders and the straps would fall off real easily if their placement is far apart on the bag.

For some reason, the straps on the high end brand backpacks are usually sewn far apart from each other and they would just fall off of my shoulders.

What I was looking for in a backpack were the following:

  • Good design
  • Straps are close together towards the shoulders
  • Not too big

That’s when I found the Arro 22.


ARCTERYX Arro 22 – Review

arcteryx arro 22 oshmans edition with bikes

I own the Oshman’s edition of the Arro 22.
I believe it’s basically the same as the stock, with the exception of the coloring.

arcteryx arro22 oshmans edition side

The zipper tab for the kangaroo pocket is white and the Arcteryx logo is black.

This coloring is what caught my attention.
I probably wouldn’t have gotten the bag in its stock coloring.
Too outdoor-ish looking for my taste (just personal preference).
So I really like the looks of the bag.

arcteryx arro 22 oshmans edition rear

Other than the looks, what I like about the bag are its:

  • Heavily padded straps
  • Kangaroo pocket
  • Side pocket


Heavily padded straps

arcteryx arro 22 oshmans edition rear

The straps on the bag have really nice padding.
The kind of padding that you get on backpacks twice the size of the Arro 22.

The padding relives fatigue from long time carrying.
The placement of the straps towards the shoulders is perfect for me.
The straps would never roll off of my shoulders.

The straps on the Arro 22 are great.


Kangaroo Pocket

arcteryx arro 22 kangaroo pocket oshmans

The Kangaroo Pocket makes access to small items easy.
I put stuff that I’m going to be taking in and out of the bag in here.
Things like sunglasses, earphones, card cases, gloves etc.

The zipper tab is huge and rugged, allowing for fast opening/closing.

The outer material is strong and keeps its form while the zipper is designed so that it doesn’t go all the way down the length of the pocket. This ingenious design prevents things from falling out of the pocket when you open it up.

The Kangaroo Pocket on the Arro 22 is great.


Side Pocket

arcteryx arro 22 oshmans edition side pocket with JOBY

The left pocket has rubber going through it that holds things tight.

I put things like water bottles and smaller tripods here.
High brand backpacks don’t come with this kind of functionality.

The side pocket on the Arro 22 is great.


What I don’t like about the Arro 22

I like the Arro 22 very much, but if I had a gun to my head, I would say that I have two very small issues with it:

  • You’ll run into a lot of people with the same bag
  • Getting in and out of the bag could be easier


You’ll run into a lot of people with the same bag

It’s a great bag, of course it’s popular.
Walk around Shibuya for 30 minutes, I guarantee you’ll find someone with an Arro 22.
One thing I like about my Oshman’s Edition is that its limited edition and not many people have it!


Getting in and out of the bag could be easier

This isn’t anything specific to the Arro 22.
It’s something that applies to backpacks in general.
In most cases, you have to take off the bag to access things inside the bag.

With the Arro 22, I have a hard time accessing the Kangaroo Pocket with the strap on my shoulder.

I wonder if there is a backpack that allows access without having to take the bag off your shoulder?
That would be the perfect backpack don’t you think?


Hopes for the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 


Sorry for the cheesy segue but the Peak Design Everyday Backpack could actually be the backpack that can overcome the challenges mentioned above.


I can’t wait for it to arrive!




2 Responses to “ARCTERYX Arro 22 – Backpack Review

  • Where did you get the “Oshman” edition? I can’t find it anywhere

    • Hey Chris,

      It was a limited edition run that Oshman’s Japan did a few years ago.
      A retailers like BEAMS and Oshman’s frequently due limited edition runs of the Arro so you might want to check them out if you visit Japan.

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