Backpacks That I’m Interested In Lately

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One aspect of backpacks that still intrigues me is that there are so many backpacks for different purposes and the search for the perfect backpack for each use case is never ending.

There is a backpack for pretty much anything; travel, outdoor, cycling, you name it.

Out of all different kinds of backpacks, I especially like the daily backpack, partly because I end up using it the most.

For the past year, I’ve been using the Aer Day Pack almost every day.

For me, this back pack has no weak points.

If I could only choose one daily backpack, this would be it.

I have nothing against this backpack, it’s my fault that after a year, I start feeling the urge to try out different bags.


The backpacks that I’ve been looking into recently are these two!


The Brown Buffalo Conceal Pack

Conceal Backpack US – CORDURA® Black Multicam®

This is a daily backpack that’s being made by an American brand.

The camo version is made in the USA.

The things that I like about the bag is the design and the size (it’s small).

The bottom appears to be flat so it also looks like it’ll be able to stand on its own.

The only thing that I’m worried about is that the zipper on the outer pocket opens vertically and not sideways.

By this design, things will fall out of the bag easier compared to a horizontal opening when you forget to close the zipper.

It’s happened to me a couple of times with bags like the Prvke 21.

I like pockets that open sideways cause there’s a less chance that things will fall out from the open pocket.


Wandrd Veer 18L

The Veer was just released on Kickstarter a few days ago.

It’s a packable bag so should come in handy when going on trips.

It also looks light so can function as a daily backpack.

What’s unique about the Veer is the inflatable back panel.

I personally like the side access cause allowing access into the bag without putting it down.

The Wandrd Prvke 21 was an awesome bag so I have high hopes for Veer.


Both bags are coming!

The Veer isn’t coming out until August, but the Conceal Pack should arrive next week.

Stay tuned for a review!


Let’s hope they’re good backpacks.


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