Improving my Cash Flow: Replacing my Audio System with the Marantz M-CR611

My bank account balance is looking pretty bad since I quit my job in June.

Part of the reason is that I didn’t save up, and the other part is I’m using money like I had a regular job.

In dire need of cash to get me through the day, I’ve decided to sell my personal belongings on Yahoo Auction (like eBay in Japan).

Liquidation, as they call it in the world of accounting.

This time around, I am going to replace my audio system.


Sell my Zeppelin Air and RCD-CX1 => Buy the Marantz M-CR611

Legendary beasts: the RCD-CX1 and Zeppelin Air

Why did I have two systems? I had a purpose for each one.

I used the DENON RCD-CX1 for CDs and SACDs and the B&W Zeppelin Air for Airplay streaming.
Airplay is Apple’s technology to stream music from your iPhone or iTunes via WIFI.
It’s supposed to sound better than Bluetooth.

It’s really convenient.
It’s one of the reasons I can’t get out of the Apple ecosystem. 

With Airplay, you don’t have to worry about pairing up each time, which lets me do something like;

play music with the Zeppelin using my iPhone => use earphones once I step out of my home => Zeppelin stops automatically => resume playing with the Zeppelin after I return home.

Really convenient.

On the other hand, I wasn’t using the RCD-CX1 too much.
I never bought many SACDs and all the CDs that I had ripped, I was listening to them with my iPhone using the Zeppelin.

I couldn’t get rid of it though because there were times when I wanted to listen to CDs and the RCD-CX1 paired up with may Tannoys just sounded better than the Zeppelin.

This had been my set up for years, but paying the rent is more important so I’ve made up my mind to let these bad boys go.

What I got as a replacement was the Marantz M-CR611!Adobe Spark (5)

Marantz M-CR611 Review: Honestly, it’s really good 


I wanted my new system to have at least the following functions:

  • Airplay
  • CD
  • FM/AM
  • So-so design

I also didn’t want it to come with speakers because I wanted to use my TANNOYs.

The M-CR611 hit all points.

The internet radio function ended up being a nice surprise. I found it to be handy when listening to Top 40 hits or exploring a genre that I normally didn’t listen to.

I was worried if the M-CR611 could startup from standby via Airplay like the Zeppelin could, which was no problem.
I think it actually does a better job than the Zeppelin.
Sometimes the iPhone would have trouble finding the Zeppelin, but no issues with the M-CR611 yet.

You can also download the Marantz Hifi Remote app and control the M-CR611 with your iPhone!

It’s really convenient because you don’t have to take the remote control with you.

Talking about design, it’s definitely not the best looking but it’s not bad for an entry level system and it’s got that “Marantz” look.

You can change the color settings of the neon lighting in the front.
I obviously have it set on “Marantz” blue.



No problem what so ever.

I used to be really picky about sound but I stopped worrying about it too much after I found out that I wasn’t hearing the high frequencies anymore due to age.
Also, if you want to improve sound, you should be spending your money on speakers, not the amp or player. 

Having said that, the M-CR611 has a very clear sound, which is characteristic of a digital amp.

If you wan to just enjoy music and not get bogged down on details, the M-CR611 will get the job done.



It was 55,000 yen at Bic Camera.
I used a credit card to pay so I got 8% points, which brings it down to 50,600 yen.


Negative points

The font used on the LCD panel is really ugly.

It’s something that you’re going to be looking at all the time so I do hope they put a little effort into it next time.

I also had some difficulty when initially connecting the M-CR611 to WIFI.
I was using the iPhone to hook the M-CR611 up, but the M-CR611 wouldn’t pick up the WIFI signal.
There was one other iPhone connected to the network so once I took that one off the network, the M-CR611 finally was able to pick up the WIFI.
If you’re having the same issue, try taking other iOS devices off the network and that might help.



I am really happy with the purchase.

The usability is really good.

It actually changed some aspects of my life.

I never listened to radio at home but now that changing back and forth functions is easy with just one system to worry about, I began listening to radio.
I don’t change channels too often and I have it set on FM 88.3MHz.
It’s a J-wave frequency and I get really good reception where I live. The sound quality is really good.

If the M-CR611 had a warmer sound, like that of an analog amp, it would’ve been perfect, but that is just asking too much for a player in this price range.

If you’re in the market for something similar to what I was looking for, I can definitely recommend this player!



What was my net cash flow?

plus 30,000 yen!!

The RCD-CX1 sold for 50,000 yen and the Zeppelin for 30,000 yen so:

50,000 + 30,000 – 50,600 = 29,400

A positive cash flow of 30,000 yen.

I found that to be excellent, considering the space I was able to free up going from two systems to one and at the same time, being able to enjoy music much more conveniently.



Final words

Ending up with positive cash flow was something to cheer about, but it won’t solve my money problem.

I’ll be doing other things to improve my cash flow situation so stay tuned!

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