HELMZ H10 Bullhorn Handle Mod

Helmz H10 Bullhorn handle mod

Ride Faster on the Helmz H10 – Bullhorn Handle Mod

The rainy season is finally over in Tokyo!
It’s time to ride!

It’s been about a year since I got the HELMZ H10 and I really like the bike.
But who doesn’t want more speed?

The 2 mods that are most cost effective in increasing speed (based on a few google searches) are:

  • change handle bar
  • change wheels

I’m doing them both!

First, the handle!


Parts that you’ll need for the Bullhorn Handle Mod

helmz bullhorn handle

These are the parts that I got to change the stock handle bar on the HELMZ H10 to a bullhorn handle:

I thought that all I needed was the HELMZ Original Bullhorn Handle but the diameter of the bullhorn handle is 26mm and the diameter of the normal handle bar is 31.8mm.

So you’ll need a 26mm stem.
I goth the HELMZ original (70mm length).

You also need to be careful about the bar end plugs.
The HELMZ bullhorn handle is narrow and you’ll need plugs that are size 13-15mm.

I got the HELMZ Bullhorn Handle and stem on Rakuten and the bar end plugs on amazon.
I picked up the bar tape on sale at Y’s Road Shinjuku.





【P最大10倍(7/25 0時まで・エントリ含)】HELMZ(ヘルムズ)STEMヘルムズオリジナルステムBRIDGESTONE(ハンドルステム)
価格:6940円(税込、送料別) (2017/7/24時点)



How to change handle bars

It was the first time for me to change handle bars on bikes so I did some research beforehand.

I found the site below to be super helpful:



Handle bar installation – pics

It turned out ok!

The most difficult part was attaching the brake levers and shift levers onto the bullhorn handle.

They just wouldn’t go in!

I ended up having to force them in by twisting them into place.

The only tool that I needed was the TOPEAK Mini 6.

Bullhorn Handle Mod – Impressions

Helmz Bullhorn Handle in Tokyo

The speed change is very noticeable!

Lowering the posture and reducing air resistance probably has the most effect.

Holding the handle bar by the horn lets me apply power to the pedals for extreme acceleration!

The width of the handle bar went down from 520mm to 410mm so its much easier to weave through traffic.

helmz h10 bullhorn handle quadlock

The Quad Lock mount fits too, which is very important for me.

Go see Quad Lock – review

The bike looks pretty sick too!

Next, the wheels!





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