InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort (Vietnam) – a review

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort review

A search for a hotel in Danang is how the adventure began

While I was searching for a place to stay in Danang (Vietnam), I was debating between three hotels:

  • Naman Retreat
  • Hyatt Regency
  • InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

hotels in danang

The Naman was ranked #1 in websites like Trip Advisor.
(It was ranked #1 until a few months ago. The #1 ranking hotel as of the date of this post is Intercontinental Danang.)

It’s clean and looks very classy but the price is very expensive.
Only rooms in the 150,000 Yen (1,500 USD) range were available when I was looking.

The Hyatt was also an obvious candidate, being a member of their loyalty program.
The hotel looked modern and western, which is something that I usually like.
But I wanted to stay somewhere with an Asian vibe, because that was where I was going, to an Asian resort.

The Intercontinental was ranked #2 after Naman in Trip Advisor.
(As noted above, it was #2 until a few months ago but is now #1 as of the date of this post)
The price range for the Intercontinental was somewhere in between Naman and Hyatt.
The rooms and buildings had an Asian vibe to them.

After thinking about it for a while, I chose to stay at the Intercontinental Danang.

It turned out to be a wonderful stay so here is the review!
I’ve got some tips on choosing which plan to reserve.

Oh, but wait.
This is really important so I’ll tell you first.

When you stay at the Intercontinental Danang, I highly recommend booking a “Club Intercontinental” room.
It’s going to cost more but the Club Intercontinental is definitely the way to go.

You’ll know why after you read the review!


The location of Intercontinental Danang

The Intercontinental Danang is located away from the Danang airport and central Danang.

da nang intercontinental

Its about a 30 minute taxi ride.

Being away from the airport and city is not a bad thing when your objective is to get away from the hustle and bustle.
With no other hotels or shops near the facility, Intercontinental Danang provides you with peace and privacy that you seek in a get-away.

You’ll need to get a car ride from the airport to the hotel.

You can always reserve a car with the hotel, but a grabbing a taxi at the airport is very easy.
If you want to stay away from taxi scams, ask for “Mai Linh taxi”.
Look for the green Mai Linh Taxi and you’ll be fine.


Once you arrive at Danang Airport, go straight to the Intercontinental Danang Lounge!

Intercontinental Danang has lounges in both the arrival and departure terminals.
Get some tea or Vietnam coffee at the lounge to relax the tension from the flight.
It’s free!

Finished your coffee? Let’s head to the hotel shall we?

It’s about a 30 minute car ride from the airport to the hotel.
The further you get from the city center, the less people you’ll be seeing on the road but don’t get worried.
Once you start seeing monkey statues along side the road, you’re almost there!


Checking in

InterContinental Danang lobby

Once the taxi enters the hotel premises, it’ll drive up to the main lobby where the check in counter is located.
The view from the main lobby makes you forget the long hours of travel.

Club Intercontinental guests can check in at the Club Lounge.
But if it’s your first time there, you won’t know where the Club Lounge is so just start checking in at the main lobby.
Once they check your reservation details and find out that you’re Club Intercontinental, they’ll take you to the Club Lounge to finish the paper work.


To the Room!

My stay was in the 1 King Club Intercontinental Ocean View

インターコンチネンタル ダナン オーシャンビュー キング

A comfortable room with a balcony and an excellent view.

Check out the room with these pics:

The drinks in the room are complementary (with the exception of alcohol).
This really helps cause Danang is hot!


Getting around the hotel

The Intercontinental Danang is built along the slope of a mountain and the facility is quit big.
You can walk around on foot or you can call for a buggy.

intercontinental danang cable car
There’s a cable car running up and down the mountain.

intercontinental danang cable car
The most convenient way to get from the level the Club Lounge is on (Heaven) to the beach is by using the cable car.
I miss telling the driver to “take me to Heaven”.


Use the Club Lounge to the max!

Club Intercontinental guests have access to the Club Lounge

intercontinental danang club lounge

The service at the Club Lounge is really good.
So is the view too.

Some of the benefits of the Club Lounge are:

  • Free breakfast during the stay
  • Free drinks during the day
  • Free cocktail time at night

intercontinental danang club lounge benefits

The lounge staff are all very friendly.
Getting to know them just makes the stay more special!


To the beach! To the pool!

The beach is completely private.

There’s an area dedicated to Club Intercontinental guests.
All soft drinks are free!
Just goes to so how much special treatment Club Intercontinental guests get!

Kayak rentals are free too.

intercontinental danang kayak

There was also a beach volley ball court.

intercontinental danang pool

The infinity pool on the bar roof top was also very cool!


The bay ain’t called Monkey Bay for nothin!

intercontinental danang monkey

The bay in front of the Intercontinental Danang is called the Monkey Bay.
You’ll find monkey statues all over the hotel. This is where it comes from.

Not just statues, real monkeys are everywhere too!

intercontinental danang monkey

I was able to get the monkey that visited my balcony on video so take a look!

Extremely cute.

They look very cute but they are wild animals so don’t get close to them, don’t give them food, and be sure not to let them in your room.
They are very smart so don’t leave the windows open!


Activities at the hotel

Free yoga lessons in the morning

Yoga outside is awesome!

intercontinental danang activites

There’s a free hotel shuttle bus that goes to the ancient city Hoi An so going there is highly recommended.


Hospitality that continues even after you check out!

As I noted above, Intercontinental Danang has a lounge in the departure terminal of Danang Airport.
It’s next to the Vietnam Airlines lounge.

Club International guests have access to this lounge.
And this isn’t any cheap lounge.
It’s the real deal with beautiful interior, free food, drinks and even Pho.
There’s a spa corner too, but you’ll have to pay for that.


Wrap up

Choosing to stay at the Intercontinental Danang was the best choice that I made this summer.
It’s easy to understand how it became the #1 ranking hotel on Trip Advisor. 

For me, it would definitely be included in the Top 3 Asian resorts that I stayed in.
(the other two being Trisala in Phuket and Santhiya in Ko Pha Ngan)

I’m sure staying at the hotel with a regular plan would have been just as fine.
But for me, choosing the Club Intercontinental made the trip even more memorable.

If you’re thinking about going to Danang in the future, I highly recommend the Intercontinental Danang!

intercontinental danang


2 Responses to “InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort (Vietnam) – a review

  • Hi!
    Great info, thanks for sharing. However, how did you get the “club international” access? Is that a buy up option after hotel booking cause I don’t see a room selection type as club international. Thanks.

    • Hi there!
      It’s been a while since my visit so they may have changed the name of the packages etc.
      Go with the plan that includes club lounge access (breakfast, drinks, etc. ) is my recommendation!
      Have fun!

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