Louis Vuitton Eole 50 – Super Classy Boston Bag Carry on – A Review

louis vuitton eole 50 a review

Borrowing its name from the wind god in Greek mythology, the Eole 50 is ideal for travelling

Who won’t get hooked with that catch copy?

Louis Vuitton Eole 50 was my dream carry-on bag and I had my eyes on it for many years.

It looks like a Damier Boston bag and functions also as a carry-on suitcase.
The golden parts add sparkle to this gorgeous bag.

The size of the bag (50 x 32 x 30 cm) also made it a decent size to carry on planes.

With the release of the newer Neo Eole and the possibility that the older Eole would be discontinued, I finally decided to make the purchase last year.
It’s been about an year since I bought the Eole 50 but I haven’t used it much.

You’ll know why after reading this review!


Louis Vuitton Eole 50 – Review

louis vuitton eole 50 rear

The Rollerblade like wheels are very quiet and smooth so that is good.
The width of the bag is slimmer than regular carry-on bags so it tends to tip over to the side when going over bumps.

Regular carry on bags have better stability.


louis vuitton eole 50 handle

The handle is average, nothing special, nothing bad.
The handle disappears completely from view by closing the zipper, which makes that bag look really good when the handle is retracted.
However, it starts getting cumbersome to open the zipper every time you wand to extend the handle.
The zipper is very small and I always feel a little scared of it breaking.


Main Compartment
louis vuitton eole 50 main compartment

After releasing the large strap that runs down the middle, you can open the large zipper to access the main compartment.

This large strap is what makes the design of the Eole 50 unique.
However, this also starts getting in the way because you have to release it every time you want to access the main compartment.
I wouldn’t want to approach the airport security gate with a PC inside the Eole.

This strap also becomes an issue because other people will try reach for it to carry the bag.

You have to be careful when you have people carry it for you at the airport or hotel.
9 times out of 10, they will reach for this strap.
It’s not made to be carried here and it can tear.

This is why I carry this bag by myself when I can.

The main compartment opens up really wide so packing is easy.
louis vuitton eole 50 main compartment open
The bag has a rectangular shape and there aren’t that many dead spaces so you can fit a lot in the Eole 50.
It’s good that you can fit a lot of stuff, but when the Eole 50 isn’t filled up, it doesn’t function well as a suitcase.

Without much in the main compartment, the Eole 50 can’t stand up straight, as shown in the picture below.
louis vuitton eole 50 tip over

You’ll have to attend to it or it will tip over easily.


Does it function as a Boston bag?

The Eole 50 is a Boston bag type suitcase but does it function as a Boston bag?

For me, it doesn’t.
The bag is just to heavy.
The Eole 50 is heavy, even without anything inside and it’s not practical to carry around with your hands.



louis vuitton eole 50 side

The Eole 50 is really good on the eyes but sucks in the functionality department.

If you’re not going to open the bag until you get to your destination, the Eole 50 will let you travel from point A to point B with style.

If you’re going to be opening that bag along the way or if you’re traveling light, be prepared to spend some stressful time with the bag.

In summary, my purchase of the Eole 50 turned out to be a mistake.
The bag was close to 3,000 USD so the regret is pretty big.

If I want elegance, the Rimowa Titanium will get the job done.

I’ve thought about selling the Eole 50 on Yahoo Auction but decided to keep it because it would probably only sell for half of what I got it for.

If I put my laptop in the Everyday Backpack along with other stuff I might need during my trip, I wouldn’t have to open up the Eole 50 until I reached my destination.

I’m going to have to put a lot of miles on this baby to recover the 3,000 USD investment!



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