“Palace Cycling” by the Imperial Palace with the Cannondale Hooligan 2017

cannondale hooligan 2017

Got the Cannondale Hooligan!

I made an excuse to myself, that I had to save train cost, and got myself a bicycle!

The 2017 Cannondale Hooligan!

I think they have two sizes out but I got the M size.

The bike has one gear in the front and an enclosed 3 speed in the back.

It’s a simple setup, perfect for riding in the city!

I hadn’t owned a bicycle in something like 25 years so I got really excited and took it out for a stroll.



Found “Palace Cycling” by coincidence

Go cycling by the Tokyo Imperial Palace

So I’m riding towards the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and all of a sudden the main road in front of the Palace Hotel is closed off.

As I get closer, I find that bicycles are allowed to enter.
What they did was they closed off the main road for 1.5 km just so that bicycles can ride freely.

There weren’t that many bikes out that day because the weather wasn’t so good, but it felt really good speeding along the center of Tokyo, having the road all to my self!
(I wasn’t really speeding cause the Hooligan is so slow, more on that later)




I found out after going home that the street closure was part of a Sunday event called Palace Cycling held every Sunday during September and October, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

They were lending out bikes for free (they even had tandem bikes) so you don’t need to have your bike to enjoy.

OK, so going back to the Hooligan, it looks really good and all but it’s really slow.
Even during Palace Cycling, the road bikes and cross bikes would easily stride past me, even grandpas on granny bikes are faster…


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