Super Gorgeous Briefcase that Works as an Everyday Bag – Goyard Ambassade – A Review

goyard ambassade

The Goyard Ambassade is actually a very functional briefcase

A few days ago, I introduced the TUMI 26141 as a briefcase every business man should own.

Go see “Must Have Briefcase for Business – TUMI 26141 – A Review”

The TUMI 26141 is super functional an has tremendous capacity, but can be bulky if you don’t have much to carry.

The bag that I used to use as my light weight everyday briefcase was the Goyard Ambassade.

The bag is elegantly designed and is really easy to use, despite the signature Goyard print that screams for attention.

I used to have a Prada briefcase that was all about the looks and was a pain to use.

The Goyard Ambassade is a whole different story.

It is super easy to use.

The only downside is that it is really expensive (currently 367,000 yen in Japan, about 3,000 USD).

For the first few years after I purchased the bag, I never took it outside for fear that it would get dirty.

Eventually, I brought up the nerve to take it outside, and since then, I have been using it as my everyday work bag until I quit my job last year.

Today I will be introducing the brief case that will last you a lifetime, the Goyard Ambassade!


What makes the Goyard Ambassade special

The three things that I like most about the Goyard Ambassade are that it is:

  • awesomely desiged
  • super light
  • very functional

The bag is breathtakingly elegant.

You can use it for both work and pleasure.

When I lived in Manhattan, I would get compliments from random people in the city.

It is also very light.

The outside is vinyl and the inside is canvas so it is super light.

Lastly, the most important point, it is very functional.

I have to say, it is close to being the perfect everyday briefcase!

Really, the only drawback is its price.


Goyard Ambassade Review

Awesome design

goyard ambassade front

Super elegant design with hints of high craftsman ship everywhere.

The bag stands up on its own even when it is packed with stuff.

goyard ambassade sidegoyard ambassade straps

The legs on the bottom are proof that this is a high end bag.

goyard ambassade bottom

You can adjust the length of the handle which is a nice feature.

When it’s at full length, you can carry the bag on your shoulder (though it is super tight), which comes in handy when you want to free up your hands.

goyard ambassade pattern


The inside of the main compartment is bright yellow so you can find items easily

goyard ambassade inside

The canvas on the inside is bright yellow, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

The main compartment is divided in an intelligent way and has a zip pocket so it’s actually quite easy to use.

goyard ambassade top with stuff inside

You can easily fit the Thinkpad X1Carbon (14 inch).

goyard ambassade with pc


I just love the outside pocket

goyard ambassade front pocket

I just love the outside pocket of the Goyard Ambassade.

Perfect for newspapers and magazines.

I like to stick a few pens in there too.

goyard ambassade front pocket with pen

What’s amazing to me is that even though the pocket doesn’t have lids, it does a very good job of keeping items from falling out.

I wouldn’t put a wallet in there but nothing has ever fallen out of the pocket before.

It’s probably due to the combination of perfect depth and pressure.

goyard ambassade front pocket with mangazine


The only drawback (other than its price)

goyard ambassade docked

I only wish I could dock the Goyard Ambassade to a carry-on bag.

But it’s ok.

By using the GOWELL belt, I can easily hack the problem.

Go see GOWELL belt on Amazon JP

goyard ambassade with gowellgoyard ambassade rear doked

It is very secure when its strapped down.

You can use the Gowell belt with all kinds of bags so it comes in handy if you own one.



300,000 yen for a bag is definitely expensive.

For a while, I kind of regretted buying it.

But once I started using it, I found out that the bag was very useful.

The elegant design will never fade.

It is a bag that will last a lifetime.

Assuming that I can use it for 50 more years, that is an investment of 7,340 yen per year.

I think I can live with that!


Where should you get the Goyard Ambassade?

The current list price in Japan for the bag is 367,000 yen.

You can probably get it cheaper on the net but I would not recommend it.

There is a high chance that it could be fake.

Since you’ll be spending a lot of money anyway, I recommend buying at a Goyard store.

If you really want to get it at a lower price, buying from a Goyard shop in a different country could be an option.

My personal recommendation is England.

I got mine from the Goyard shop in England too.

You don’t have to pay VAT if you live outside of England.

Also, the British Pound is very weak right now.

I don’t know how much the bag is in GBP right now, but when I got mine four years ago, it was 1620 GBP including shipping to New York.

GBP is trading at about 140 JPY right now so that becomes 1620 x 140 = 226,800 JPY

If all goes well, you can get the bag at a huge discount!


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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Very helpful! nice review which size is it?

    • Thanks for the feedback, here are the dimensions for this bag, 35cm×27cm×7cm .

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