Taking a stroll in Shibuya – Picked up a new wallet and some ramen at Ramen Hayashi

I got up late today so I went to Shibuya to take care of a few errands.

Enjoyable errands I should say, I came to Shibuya to pick up my new wallet!

Finding the perfect slim wallet has been my obsession these days so here I am at the Shibuya LOFT to pick up the wallet I’ve had my eyes on for a while.
(If you haven’t been to the LOFT, it’s a really cool place to pick up cool stationary, goodies, furniture, backpacks and stuff like that)

The bellroy Card Pocket Wallet!


I knew about but kept my distance from bellroy because they were advertising so much and the products looked kind of cheap.
But when I say it in person at the LOFT the other day, while it did feel kind of cheap, the functionality of it looked pretty promising.

There were a few models that caught my attention but I decided to try out the Card Pocket first (mainly because it was the smallest and the cheapest).

I actually have pretty good thoughts about this one, so I’ll be reviewing it soon!


Another thing I wanted to do in Shibuya – Ramen Hayashi

It’s a weekday, its still in the AM, and you’re hungry. What do you do? You go to Ramen Hayashi.

ramen hayashi store logo ラーメン はやし 渋谷 shibuya 看板

Ramen Hayashi is closed on Sundays and holidays and they’re only open from 11:30 to 15:30 on the other days so you really have to plan ahead to eat here.

I was in front of the shop before they opened at 11:15 and there was only one person ahead of me.
By the time they opened, there was a long que outside the shop.

There menu is very simple (which is a good indicator that the ramen is good BTW)

  • ramen
  • ajitama ramen (ramen with tastey egg)
  • yakibuta ramen (grilled pork ramen)

No oomori (can’t order extra noodles).

My favorite ramen of all ramen is the ajitama ramen so obviously I went with that.


The soup is a double soup with tonkotsu and fish broth, which could be dense and salty.
The soup at Hayashi is not to heavy and has a nice after taste.

It’s a nice and gentle taste, easy on the stomach afterwards.

Really nice ramen.

ramen hayashi empty bowl ラーメン はやし 食後 渋谷 shibuya

Left the shop at 11:45 and look at the que.

ramen hayashi ラーメン はやし 渋谷 shibuya

I felt pretty good today being unemployed!

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