Tried out UQ mobile with the iPhone 7. It was Faster than Y mobile

uq mobile with iphone 7

You can try out UQ mobile for 15 days, free. So I tested it on my iPhone 7

I used to use the iPhone SE (Hong Kong version) and I currently use the iPhone 7 (US version unlocked A1660) with Y mobile.
I had used docomo prior to switching over to Y mobile but I am pretty satisfied with Y mobile’s internet speed.


The only issue I have with Y mobile is that you can’t tether with unlocked iPhones

I signed up for the SIM card plan with Y mobile (i.e. didn’t purchase a phone from them) so I can’t tether on iPhones other than those that Y mobile sells.

Ever since I got the Everyday Backpack, I’ve been carrying my laptop around more often.

everyday backpack sling docked with rimowa topas front
everydaybackpack sling docked with rimowa back
The more I have my laptop with me, the more the need to tether!

I’ve thought about getting an Android phone that could tether with a Y mobile SIM and swap out the SIM card from my iPhone 7 when I need to tether.
But I know that the hassle is going to be a pain in the butt.

I see three options:

  1. transfer back to docomo (bad from a cost perspective)
  2. wait until Y mobile allows tethering (bad in a sense that I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon)
  3. transfer to another MVNO that allows tethering (bad in that I’ll incur termination costs to break the contract with Y mobile and I still won’t be sure of the internet speed at the new MVNO)

All my options are screwed!

Just when I thought I was cornered, I heard that UQ mobile’s network was pretty fast.
And they allow tethering on the iPhone 6!

If they allow it on the iPhone 6, it’s gotta be a matter of time before it’s allowed on the iPhone 7 right?!

If that is the case, then UQ mobile would be a strong candidate to switch over to.
But they don’t allow tethering on the iPhone 7 yet so what gives?

Just as I was about to dismiss the idea, I found out about this deal.


You can try out UQ mobile for 15 days, free of charge

You can sign up for the 15 day trial at UQ mobile’s website.
I applied on Monday and the SIM card arrived on Tuesday.

Immediately after receiving it, I threw it into my iPhone 7, downloaded the APN settings and gave it a try!
Download APN settings here: http://


UQ mobile vs Y mobile (iPhone 7 A1660) speed test

UQ mobile was faster than Y mobile

Location: Tokyo, Minato Ku
Time: Weekday afternoon


UQ mobile

UQ mobile speed 1 uq mobile speed 2


Y mobile

ymobile speed 1 y mobile speed 2

UQ mobile beat Y mobile every time!
That’s pretty good!


Can you tether on the iPhone 7?

Unfortunately, no.
Come on people, give us a break.


Would I switch to UQ mobile?

The answer is no.

The speed seems reliable but it won’t let you tether on the iPhone 7 (yet).
Furthermore, UQ mobile only covers the au LTE area and doesn’t cover 3G so the coverage issue worries me a little.

But the experience was well worth it.
Now I know that some MVNOs can be faster or be at par with Y mobile.


I’m trying out mineo next

When you search for a fast MVNO that allows tethering with the iPhone 7, mineo frequently shows up as a candidate.
mineo was a MVNO that used the au network but now they also are on the docomo network as well.

The only concern is network speed so I ordered a SIM card with the cheapest monthly cost so that I can try it out and cancel the contract if it’s slow.
If it turns out to be anything close to Y mobile’s speed, I am switching over!


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