WANDRD HEXAD CARRYALL DUFFEL – Duffel Backpack 40L – Review

hexad duffel front

The backpack that I bought for one bag travel – WANDRD HEXAD CARRYALL DUFFEL

I usually use carry-on suitcases when I travel.

I like adjusting the size of the suitcase to use depending on the length of the trip and always have a few on standby.

Suitcases are great, but they can get in the way sometimes when you have to move back and forth on the way to the airport and once you arrive at the destination.

Since last year, I’ve been juggling the idea of one-bag-travel and have been looking around for a large-size travel backpack.

That’s when I found the WANDRD HEXAD CARRYALL DUFFEL on kickstarter.

hexad duffel on baseline

I had high hopes for the HEXAD CARRYALL DUFFEL because I liked the WANDRD PRVKE 21 a lot.

WANDRD PRVKE 21 Review – Cool Looking Backpack That’s Fun to Use

Unfortunately, I ended up using the HEXAD CARRYALL DUFFEL only once.

The bag itself isn’t bad, but I couldn’t get myself to like the bag mainly because of how hard it was to get inside the main compartment and pull out things like my laptop.

The laptop is hard to pull out because:

  • In order to access the laptop pocket, you have to open the flap to get into the main compartment
  • The zippers to get into the main compartment can be hard to open at times


The bag will carry a lot of stuff, so if the objective is to carry luggage from A to B, the bag should perform well.

The straps are well designed and they function as duffel bag handles.

The shape of the bag is cylindrical so it’s easy to pack.

However, the bag wasn’t suited for my needs and it’s become an interior after only one use.


The size is massive and packing is easy

At 40L, the WANDRD HEXAD CARRYALL DUFFEL is a large bag.

The cylindrical shape helps to eliminate any dead space when packing.

It swallows the WANDRD PRVKE 21.

hexad duffel fits prvke21

Even after stuffing the bag up with all these things, there is room for more.

hexad duffel what to put inside

hexad duffel with stuff inside

There are mesh pockets along the inner sides of the main compartment that you can use to arrange things according to your taste.



Separate compartments on the top and bottom

On the top, there is a compartment for small items.

hexad duffel top pocket

You can use this compartment to put your passport and earphones and things like that.

The compartment on the bottom is perfect for shoes and laundry.

hexad duffel buttom shoe compartment

You can also use this compartment to stash away accessories like the waist strap that are sold separately.

hexad duffel waist straps


Side pockets for small items

There are side pockets on both sides of the bag, one with a mesh lining and the other with a felt cloth lining.

hexad duffel side pocket mesh

It’s hard to distinguish the pockets from the outside so it was hard for me to remember which pocket I put certain things into.



I like the straps

What made me excited about the WANDRD HEXAD CARRYALL DUFFEL was its size and straps.

hexad duffel back

The straps have a unique shape and they function as duffel bag handles.

hexad duffel handles

When you’re checking the bag on a flight, you can detach the straps and tuck them away into one of the compartments.

The bag has beefy handles on top and on the bottom for easy handling.



It has a laptop pocket which is great, but access not so good

The laptop pocket is well cushioned and decently sized, but to access the pocket, you have to open the lid to get into the main compartment.

The zippers to this lid could be hard to open at times and takes a toll when taking the laptop in and out at airports.





It’s got a lot of good things going, but I couldn’t get myself to like it because of a few usability issues.

If you are looking for a bag that can carry a lot, looks good and also functions as a duffel bag, this might be your perfect bag!




I have yet to see it sold in Japan so the best option is to get it directly from the WANDRD website.

They ship directly to Japan!


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