Went to Hello Work to get certified for unemployment insurance – How much was I able to get?


so how much unemployment insurance did i get?

I went to Hello Work yesterday to get certified (for unemployment).
Because I quit my job “voluntarily”, I wasn’t able to receive unemployment insurance for three months.

This is what is called the “payment restriction”.

My “payment restriction” ends in October so the certification process that I went through yesterday will trigger the first actual payment (finally!!).

If you don’t go on the day you’re supposed to, you won’t get paid for that month so whatever you do, you have to make sure that you go.

Since this was going to be my first payment, I was a little anxious on the night before.
Did I fill in my papers correctly? Will they somehow reject my submission?

See below on how things went and what documents you will be needing on the day of the certification.


Documents that you will be needing when you get “certified for unemployment”

I brought along everything just in case, but all I needed were the two documents below:

  • sitsugyo ninntei shinnkokusho
  • koyou hokenn jyukyuu shikakushasho (Employment Insurance Claimant Qualification Certificate)

I took my seal (inkann) with me in case I needed to make any corrections.


How long was my visit to Hello Work?

Only a couple of minutes.

I submitted the two documents above, waited for a while, was told my next certification date, was handed a new sitsugyo ninntei shinnkokusho and that was it.

I was probably at the Hello Work no more than 15 minutes.

They didn’t ask any questions about how my job search was going.


How to write the sitsugyo ninntei shinnkokusho

The actual form looks like this.


It’s fairly simple and only takes about 15 minutes to write up.

The important part is where you write your job search activity for the month.
You need at least two activities.

I didn’t want to risk it so I wrote down three.

What you have to be careful about is that signing up on a job search platform won’t count as an activity by itself.
You have to actually meet people and go to job meets for it to count as an activity.

This time, I wrote about:

  • applying for a license
  • going to an interview
  • talking to a recruiter about a position in a foreign country


Now that I got certified, how much am I getting?!

I hoped for 200,000 yen, but I only got 5 days worth, which was 35,000 yen.
I’ll be getting the full amount next time.


You don’t get the cash on the spot, what happens is they wire the money to your bank account in a few days.

I’l be reporting about my visit to Hello Work in November so stay tuned!


Nov 1, 2016 Update:

I confirmed the first payment being made on October 24.
Not much, but better than nothing!



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