I bought the Yeezy 750 Light Brown on Yahoo Auction by mistake. And the size was too big.


I wrote about it a little in one of my previous posts but I recently made a small mistake on Yahoo Auction.
Today’s post is about this incident.



Yeezy by Adidas is probably one of the most hottest sneakers on the market right now.
Even people that don’t care about sneakers have probably heard about it before.

It’s well known that Kanye West is producing it, but the scarcity of the shoes is definitely amplifying the craze for the sneakers.


Yeezy 750 Light Brown (Chocolate)

Yeezys come in a few different styles.
350s are the running shoes, 950s are the boots, and the 750s are the high tops.

I’m a fan of high tops so I was always interested in the 750s.
I especially liked the Light Brown color that was released on October 15, 2016.

But the Yeezys are so popular that they sell out the minute they are released so they don’t make it to the store shelves.

I even asked my contact at the Seibu department store, but even they couldn’t do anything about it.

There is one way to get these rare sneakers though.

That’s through Yahoo Auction.


Searching for Yeezy 750 Light Brown on Yahoo Auction

After searching for Yeezy 750 Light Brown on Yahoo Auction, I found out that they sell in the range of 85,000 to 100,000 yen.

The list price is 48,600 yen so there’s a hefty premium baked into the price.

On top of the premium, there are additional risks that you have to bear when you buy on Yahoo Auction.

Those risks are:

  • risk that the product won’t arrive
  • risk that the product is fake
  • risk that the product has flaws
  • risk that you get the wrong size

Because of these risks, it’s super important that you buy from a trustworthy seller.
After extensive searching, I was able to find a seller that I thought I could trust.

That’s great, but are the Yeezys really worth paying a high premium and bearing all the risks?
I still hadn’t made up my mind so I made a bid for 85,000 yen as a place holder and decided to give it a thought for a few days.

Yahoo auction has an automated bid function that bids up the price automatically for you until it reaches your predetermined amount, which in this case was 85,000 yen.

At this moment, the auction had three more days to go and the highest bid was 5,000 yen.


I decided to give up buying the Yeezy 750 Light Brown

Paying a high premium for a pair of sneakers seemed silly after thinking about it with a cool head.
Day by day, I began to see things that way.

I love and believe in finance so I like to make day to day decisions based on finance thinking.
From a finance perspective, its like buying overpriced shares just because you like the company.

That’s a big no no, which leads me to the conclusion that I shouldn’t buy the Yeezys.
I should be patient until I can buy it at list price.

That is what I decided on.

I made a wise choice. I didn’t waste any money. Luxury is evil.
I felt good about my decision.

I was proud of myself.

I was so self absorbed with my decision that I completely forgot about making a bid the other day.

At this point, the auction had two more days to go and the highest bid was 81,000 yen.


By accident, I became the successful bidder of the Yeezy 750 Light Brown

“Congratulations! You are the successful bidder of the Yeezy 750 Light Brown”

It took me a few seconds to understand what the email was saying.

  1. the fact that I made a bid for 85,000 yen
  2. the fact that the highest bid went up to 83,000 yen
  3. the fact that I became the highest bidder
  4. the fact that because I became the successful bidder, I had a liability to pay 83,000 yen.

It took two seconds to understand the situation.

For the reality to sink in and accept, it took me a whole day.


Yeezy 750 Light Brown Unboxing!

After accepting the reality, the excitement kicked in!

These were sneakers that I had always wanted.
Now that I’m obligated to buy, the 83,000 yen is a sunk cost (which you should consider irrelevant in finance).

Despite the worry of the sneakers not arriving, they came within a few days!

The box is huge!

That’s because the box inside is huge!

yeezy-750-light brown chocolate box


yeezy-750-light-brown chocolate
Very cool.

These are no doubt the real deal.
Brand new, mint condition.

The build quality is really good.
Very comfortable to wear too.

The Yeezy 750 uses Adidas’s state of the art technology Boost sole, so it’s a fashionable shoe but has the comfort of a high tech sport shoe.

yeezy-750 light brown chocolate-strap
The strap is an accessory.
The strap doesn’t do much to tighten the fit.
The shoe laces are for there for design purposes too.

Design, build, comfort, scarcity.

These are probably the best pair of high tops that I’ve seen!

I really like it!
I’m happy that I bought it!

There’s just one problem.

I got the wrong size.


Yeezy 750 Light Brown size problem

Because the Yeezys don’t make it to the stores, you can’t actually try them on.
You can’t try them on so you can’t be sure which size is right for you.

I knew from prior research that Yeezy 750s were built a little big.
The common word of advice is “half size down”.

I wear Ultra Boost Uncaged in 27 so I bought the Yeezy 750 Light Brown in 26.5.

They ended up being a little too big.

Just so other people buying the Yeezy 750 don’t make the same mistake that I made, here are the shoes that I wear and their sizes:

So, what shall we do.
I know now that 25.5 or 26 should be my size.


I can’t decide what to do

I will sell the Yeezy 750s that I have in my possession through Yahoo Auction.

I should be able to sell them around the same price that I bought them.

Which means that I am given the opportunity to start where I began in the first place.

But I am now a different person than before.
I’ve already seen the Yeezy 750s and know what an awesome shoe it is.

I’ve owned expensive sneakers in the past like Louis Vuittons, Ferragamos, Guccis, Margielas, Dsquareds, but I like the Yeezys out of all of them.

The way I see it, I have three options to choose from:

  1. Sell the Yeezys and walk away
  2. Sell the Yeezys and get another pair in size 26
  3. Sell the Yeezys and get another pair in size 25

This is so hard! I can’t make up my mind!

I’m going to give it a few days.




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