Bucket List

bucket list

My Bucket List – 100 Things To do Before I Die

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do or accomplish before you die.
To best way to understand this concept is to watch the Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson movie “The Bucket List”.
This is a really good movie by the way!

I was thinking “100 is going to be so easy!” but after six hours I could only squeeze out 50.
It’s pretty hard when you actually sit down and start writing.

What I realized was how much I was living life without a goal, without knowing what I wanted to do.

Listing up things that I wanted to do before I die made it clear what I should be focusing on.
It makes it easier to grasp how important it is to live each day with a meaning.
Breaking things down to tasks and writing them up as to do lists is the secret to productivity at work.
A bucket list is like a to-do list, just on a bigger scale!

If you haven’t written one up already, I definitely recommend it!

Some tips that I picked up:

  • write down whatever comes to mind
  • don’t worry about money or other constraints
  • the only determining factor should be whether it will bring happiness to your life
  • start with short-term goals, that will make things easier
  • be as specific as you can (ex. Go to Italy => Go to Italy and eat pasta)
  • you don’t have to go up to 100. You can add things later as they come up

My Bucket List

I only have 50 now so I’ll be updating the list as things come up.

Last updated: October 16, 2017

  1. Go to Kyoto and eat Kobushi Ramen (Done!! 10/8/2017)
  2. Eat authentic Onomichi Ramen. For refreshments, drink the legendary soda, Margo Cider
  3. Climb Mount Fuji and bring back the souvenir stick. I already know the stick is going to get in the way after a few months in the house
  4. Run the Honolulu Marathon. Stay in Hawaii for a week after that with no specific purpose
  5. Buy a drone and take videos. Can’t fly them in Tokyo so take it across the country on my bicycle (Done!! 6/15/2017)
  6. Take the drone overseas to take videos of ancient ruins and cool stuff like that (Done!! 9/17/2017)
  7. Spend a week just reading books (Done!! June 2017)
  8. Buy a Boosted Board and ride it all over Japan. If they ban it in Japan, take it to the US and ride it there (Done!! Summer 2017, not boosted board but Blink S and Arc Aileron)
  9. Learn martial arts. Main purpose will be self defence so Aikido or Kravmaga. Just for looks, learn a little kickboxing.
  10. Learn surfing
  11. Eat sushi in the 30,000 yen league
  12. Achieve 10% body fat percentage. Currently at 13%
  13. Lengthen my average sleep time to 6 hours. Current average is 4 hours and 59 minutes (measured with Sleep Cycle)
  14. Golf score under 100. Currently at 110
  15. Vlog. I already have the equipment
  16. Write a song, record and post on YouTube
  17. Go to all prefectures in Japan. On bike.
  18. Take mom to the department store and buy her whatever she wants
  19. Go golfing with dad
  20. Take the parents and brother to Hawaii. Dine at the hotel we stayed at when I was still a kid
  21. Eat pasta and pizza in Italy
  22. Take the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  23. Buy a house in Minato Ku, Tokyo
  24. Write and publish a book. Check out how the book is displayed at the nearby book store, everyday
  25. Become the main presenter at a seminar and pull it off TED style
  26. Start my own business that helps people. Become the Unicorn of Unicorns
  27. Be a guest on WBS (CNBC of Japan. Kind of)
  28. Meet and speak with Jim Cramer. Preferably on Mad Money
  29. Become listed on WIKIPEDIA
  30. By a home in Manhattan. I already know which apartment I want
  31. Go to school again. Get a Mac with a student discount
  32. Nail a ten-bagger (stock)
  33. Nail a hundred bagger (stock)
  34. Be on Casey Neistat’s VLOG
  35. See Green Day live
  36. Have the caddie at the Phoenix Country Club in Miyazaki compliment my drive
  37. Propose in a memorable way
  38. Visit all 50 states in the US. I already covered 25.
  39. Drink rum and smoke Cohiba in Cuba
  40. Become a Million Miler with ANA. My current lifetime miles with ANA is 120,000
  41. Get the 911 Soundbar speaker by Porsche Design for the living room. If it sounds bad, give it to a friend who likes Porches to show off generosity
  42. Open a place to relax, like a Cafe. I will personally do the hiring interviews. Hey I can put the 911 Soundbar here!
  43. Buy a Lamborghini and ride it around Tokyo
  44. Sell the Lamborghini and buy a used Infiniti G37 coupe.
  45. Get funding on Kickstarter to make a product. I already know what I’m making. The perfect carry-on.
  46. Be there when my kid is born. The experience VLOGing should come in handy here
  47. Watch my kid grow. Work as hard as I can until then so I can pull it off
  48. Play sports with my kid. VLOGing should come in handy here too. I should seriously consider VLOGing…
  49. Watch over my kid as he does his homework. Think about the best way to let my kid know how important it is to learn things
  50. Die peacefully
  51. Go to Niigata and eat Ensanjyo Ramen. Also eat Tare Katsu Don (Added February 22, 2017)