The Best Instant Ramen That I Had So Far This Year! Sugomen Niigata Se Abura Ramen

niigata ramen really good

New Touch Sugomen Niigata Se Abura Ramen – Bought the whole box on Amazon

I haven’t been able to go eat ramen that I love because I can’t go outside due to my health issues.
I’ve been staying away from instant noodles too because they aren’t good for your health.

But sometimes it’s better to give in and eat what you want.
The instant noodles that I got at my nearby supermarket was super good so I’m going to introduce that today.

It’s the New Touch Sugomen Niigata Se Abura Ramen!

I liked it so much that I got a whole box of it on Amazon!



Who would like New Touch Sugomen Niigata Se Abura Ramen?

If you like fish broth tonkotsu shoyu ramen, you will probably like it!

To list some of my favorite ramen shops in Tokyo:

  • Tsujita (Awajicho)
  • Sichisai (Takaracho)
  • Men Hitosuji (Suidobashi)
  • Kissui (Ikebukuro)
  • Murasakiyama (Tamachi)

If you have similar taste, you should like it.

ニュータッチ凄麺 新潟


Did you know about En Sanjyo Kei Ramen?

I didn’t!

This New Touch Sugomen Niigata is inspired by En Sanjyo Kei Ramen.

En Sanjyo Kei Ramen is one of the Five Ramens of Niigata.

The Five Ramens of Niigata are:

  • En Sanjyo Kei Ramen
  • Niigata Assari Ramen
  • Nagaoka Nama Shoga Shoyu Ramen
  • Niigata Noukou Miso Ramen
  • Sanjyo Curry Ramen

I definitely have to check out En Sanjyo Kei Ramen!

There are a few En Sanjyo Kei Ramen shops in Tokyo so I am going to check them out when my health gets better!

The top candidate is Ramen Jun in Kamata.


Coconuts Sable Triple Nuts for snacks

Coconuts Sable Triple Nuts were also super good so I got a whole box of it too.


It’s sweetness is just perfect and I can’t stop eating.
I can go through a whole bag without realizing it so this is dangerous stuff!


I’m going to Niigata to get some En Sanjyo Kei Ramen! Added it to my bucket list

I’ve only had the instant noodle version of the En Sanjyo Kei Ramen but I like it very much.
It has become one of the local ramens that I want to go to the source and try out, along with Onomichi Ramen.

I added it to my bucket list so I am looking forward to going ramen hunting in Niigata!


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New Touch Sugomen Niigata Se Abura Ramen

Coconuts Sable Triple Nuts


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