The Acton Blink Indiegogo Campaign Got Extended Until Dec 19. $832,709 Reached as of Dec 2

blink indiegogo got extended

The Acton Blink Indiegogo campaign that I introduced to you the other day got extended until December 19.

Is that good news or is that bad news?

If you’re a backer, that must be a concern for you like it is for me.
That’s what we’ll be looking at today!


Conclusion first, there should only be benefits for backers from this extension

Reason 1 The shipping dates will not change because of the extension

The campaign is getting extended until December 19 but the Blink S is still scheduled to be shipped in mid December.


Reason 2 We were able to hit the $800,000 Stretch Goal thanks to the extension

Backers will be getting a backpack since we hit the $800,000 stretch goal.
If there was no extension we wouldn’t have reached the stretch goal.
Since we already hit the $500,000 Stretch Goal, we will now be getting:

  • spare charger
  • back pack

That’s a pretty good deal!

blink acton stretch goals indiegogo

Reason 3 Acton has a sound reason behind the extension

Acton has explained the reason behind the extension in the following YouTube video.

They decided to extend so that they could benefit from the holiday season sales boost, which is a completely legit business decision.

In summary, there are only good things coming from this extension and I think we backers can just be happy with the fact that we’ll be getting a backpack.


The Blink S is almost coming

The Blink S should be shipping out soon!

The Indiegogo campaign in which you could get the Acton Blink S and S2 at a discount is ending in 19 days!

If you’re interested, check it out!


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