Acton Blink Indiegogo – I Canceled My Order for the Blink S2

blink s2

The Acton Blink Indiegogo campaign is getting hot!

The campaign was extended until December 19 and hitting the $1,000,000 Stretch Goal now seems like it’s feasible.

As I wrote in my previous post, I had originally placed an order for the S and S2.
Since then, I’ve been thinking about it day in and day out, and today, I decided to cancel the S2.

blink s2 cancel screenshot

Today, I’m writing about why.


Why I canceled the Blinks S2

If you compared the specs of the Blink S and S2, it’s clear that the S2 is the better electric skateboard.

The S2 

  • runs faster
  • runs further

The size difference isn’t too much.
You can take both of them on board planes.

Regardless, I decided to cancel the S2.

There were a few reasons behind that decision, but the main one was the “brakes”.


Issue that haunts Acton’s electric skateboards

Acton already sells electric skateboards in the market, the Blink Board and Blink Lite.


These electric skateboards are

  • affordable
  • compact

which are rare characteristics that not too many electric skateboards in the market now have and so these boards were pretty popular.

But if you look at the reviews, you’ll notice that a lot of the people mention the brakes being the biggest weakness.
It works to abruptly.


Does the Blink S and S2 have the same braking problem?

If you look at the YouTube video below, it looks like the Blink S and S2 have the same issue at this point in production.

And the problem appears to be worse on the S2.
That’s probably because its got two hub motors.

Acton is saying that it’s a software issue and it’s going to be fixed in the final version but I am doubtful.

This is why I decided to cancel the S2.


Electric Skateboards are evolving!

The braking issue is what led me to cancel the S2.

And I am thinking that I made the right choice.

Electric skateboards have been evolving at a rapid pace these past few years.
Check out the Raptor 2 that just got announced!

To begin with, I had purchased the S2 so that I would have something faster when I got used to the Blink S.

But it that time, there is definitely going to be a better board in the market.

I am thinking 2017 is the year the electric skateboard industry goes to a whole new level!

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