I bought another pair of Yeezy 750 Light Brown. This time, it was too small


About two weeks ago, I wrote about how I bought the Yeezy 750 Light Brown on Yahoo Auction but the size was too big.

The 26.5 was too big so I knew that my size was 25.5 or 26.

But that was as far as I could go.
I wouldn’t know which one was my size until I actually tried them on.

I thought about it forever and reached the following conclusion:

If I get the 26, I would forever wonder if 25.5 was actually the right size

So I got the 25.5 on Yahoo Auction.

It turned out that…

25.5 was too small

yeezy 750 25.5 2.5

Oh no…

My size was 26…

It’s gotten to the point where I now believe that it was never meant for me to own a pair of Yeezys.


So that you don’t get the wrong size!

These are the sizes of the shoes that I wear normally.

If you wear the same size that I do, your Yeezy 750 size is 26!


Will I be getting the Yeezy 750 Light Brown in 26?

To be honest, I think I have gotten over it.
Yeezy 750 Light Brown is a really cool pair of sneakers and I really want it.

But I am a believer of fate.

I recently lost 150,000 JPY trading currencies so if I’m able to recover those losses and gain an extra 100,000 JPY on top of that, I might consider buying again.

Good bye Yeezy!

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