VANS VAULT SK8-HI CUP LX Horween – A Review

Vans Vault Horween SK8-HI

December 10, 2016 Release – Vans Vault x Horween SK8-HI

VANS has collaborated with many companies and has been releasing a lot of models recently.
However, this model with Horween has got to be one of the best!

I just had to get them on the release day but I couldn’t figure out which shop was carrying them in Japan.
So I decided to buy online from Slam Jam Socialism.

I’m loving the sneakers and have been wearing just these since they arrived.
Today, I’m reviewing the Vans Vault x Horween SK8-HI!


What is Horween?

Horween is one of the oldest tanners in the US with over 100 years of experience.

Horween leather is used in products such as the expensive shoes by Alden.
If you like shoes, you’ve probably heard about the Cromexcel that’re used on Aldens.

The so called “Indy Boots” that Harrison Ford wore in the movie Indie Jones are from Alden.

alden indy boot

The Indy Boot costs $550 in the US, so the Vans Vault, using Horween leather priced at $175 is a bargain!


Vans Vault x Horween SK8-HI

The kicks arrived from Slam Jam Socialism in about a week.
Inside the package was some spaghetti, nice surprise! (Maybe because they ship from Italy?)

slam jam socialism spaghetti

I couldn’t make up my mind between Black and Timber so I got both!

Vans Vault Horween SK8-HI black timber

They are like leather jackets for the feet and I love them!
They smell heavenly… (not in a strange way, I just like the smell of leather!)

Vans Vault Horween SK8-HI black timber rear

The only thing I was worried about was the size but it was perfect (I tried on random SK8-Hi’s at a VANS store in Tokyo before I ordered).
Just as a FYI, these are some of the shoes that I wear and the sizes:

I’m alternating between the Black and Timber and wearing these everyday and they are very comfortable.

Vans Vault Horween SK8-HI inside
The inside is all leather.

Not only are they comfortable, they look really good.
The luxurious looks are on par with those of the high-brand sneakers!

Vans Vault Horween SK8-HI black on feet
Vans Vault Horween SK8-HI black on feet black
Vans Vault Horween SK8-HI black peak design everyday sling

These don’t have zippers so you have to wiggle your feet into them, but I use a  shoe horn so it’s super easy!
shoe horn

How much were the Vans Vault x Horween SK8-HI from Slam Jam Socialism?

24,000 Yen, including shipping

I consider this a decent deal because I recently saw them being sold for 34,560 Yen at a sneaker shop in Tokyo.

To my shock, they are also on sale right now!
They are 50% off right now at Slam Jam Socialism, so if you were thinking about getting these kicks, now would be the perfect time.

You can get cool stuff like sneakers that are sold out in Japan and Yeezy clothes on sale so I definitely recommend them!

Vans Vault Horween SK8-HI review


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