Changed to mineo from y mobile. Now I can tether on my iPhone 7

changed to mineo from y mobile

mineo is awesome, so far

The other day I wrote about testing out the UQ mobile SIM.

Today, the mineo SIM that I ordered arrived so I’m going to test that out.

I still have the UQ mobile SIM so it’s going to be a showdown between:

mineo vs y mobile vs UQ mobile!!

The winner was… I wasn’t expecting this.


mineo vs y mobile vs UQ mobile speed test

  • Place: Tokyo, Minato-ku
  • Time: A little past noon

First up, y mobile.

y mobile speed

Decent speeds at 14Mbps.


Next up, UQ mobile.

uqmobile speed

UQ mobile was super fast in the previous test but today it was 8Mbps.
Could it be that it’s slacking because it knows that I’m going to return it?


And finally, mineo.

mineo speed 1

By far the fastest at 26Mbps.

Could be an anomaly so lets test it one more time.

mineo speed

Got even faster at 34Mbps.

Damn that’s fast!

Let’s make sure that it can tether…

mineo tethering

Yup, no problem.

It’s determined, I am switching from y mobile to mineo!


The plan I chose with mineo

I went with the following plan:

  • D Plan (docomo plan)
  • Talk+Data (dual type)
  • 5GB

The monthly fee is 2,462 Yen (tax incl).

I am paying y mobile 3,218 Yen (tax incl, after smartphone plan discount) so that’s an immediate 756 yen decrease in cost.

What y mobile has and mineo doesn’t is the

10 minute unlimited talk.

mineo charges 30 seconds/20 Yen.

I don’t make too many calls so I’m going to sign up with

Rakuten Denwa

and use the app for the time being.
When you make calls with the Rakuten Phone app, the call charge becomes 30 seconds/10 Yen.

If I see my charges exceeding 850 Yen, I’ll probably sign up for the “5 minute unlimited talk” plan that mineo is bringing out in March.


mineo has interesting services

I was checking out the mineo website after signing up and noticed that they have pretty interesting services.

Let me introduce two of them.

Everyone’s experienced data shortage towards the end of the month right?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some from people who have data left over?

You can do that with “Free Tank”.

free tank

It pools everyone’s left over data and lets you withdraw some when you’re running low towards the end of the month.
There’s a limit: two times a month, up to 1000MB, but still, its revolutionary!

In addition, if you could send data to some one directly as a gift, wouldn’t that be cool?

You can do that with “Packet Gift”.

packet gift

You can send a packet gift to any mineo user.

I’m going to try it out here!

Use the code below to get 1000MB from me (first come first serve).


Here is another one! RUKR8419

Definitely looking forward to other services mineo will be releasing in the future!


mineo introduce a friend campaign – Lets get some Amazon gift cards!

mineo is currently hosting the following campaign:

Amazon gift cards 2000 Yen, for you and for me!

Sign up using the link below!



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