shoulderpod S2 – Mobile Handle Grip That’s Useful Inside and Outside of the House – a Review

shoulderpod S2 the handle grip

Bought a smartphone handle grip for taking videos/photos but it turned out to be super handy inside the home

I caught a nasty cold and had to stay home the whole week…
It’s such a pity not to be able to go outside when the weather is so nice!

Even while I was moaning from the high fever, I was bored to death so I was randomly searching for stuff on Amazon when I found the shoulderpod S2 The Handle Grip.

They were selling it on Rakuten too but I wanted it the next day so I got it from Amazon.
Amazon prime rocks!


shoulderpod S2 The Handle Grip is for taking videos/pictures and so much more

shoulderpod S2 the handle grip kit

I found the naming to be confusing but the S2 is the name of the kit.

The S2 kit comes with the following items:

  1. G1 Grip
  2. H1 Handle
  3. W1 Strap

The shoulderpod S2 is mainly designed to be used:

  • as a grip for taking steady videos and photos
  • as a mount to attach a smartphone to a tripod
  • as a stand for a smartphone

I originally got it for taking videos and as a mount for my GorrilaPod.

I currently use the GorillaPod Hybrid with the GripTight Mount to attach my iPhone.

joby griptight mount

The GripTight Mount can is very compact and is really easy to get your phone in and out of the mount.

joby griptight mount fold

But occasionally the iPhone would fall out of the mount when there’s strong vibration or fast movement.
So I was looking for a mount that would provide a more secure grip and that is when I found the shoulderpod S2.

I had bought the shoulderpod S2 with the intention of using it outside.
But since I had to stay home because of the cold, I was playing around with it at home and found it to be really handy inside the house!

As a matter of fact, I now have my iPhone 7 on the shoulderpod S2 at all times when I’m at home.

You’ll find out why because today, I am reviewing the shoulderpod S2 Handle Grip!


The shoulderpod S2 Handle Grip is super handy when you’re lying around at home

When I’m using my smartphone in bed for a long time, my hands would get tired from holding the phone.
When you’re sick, it’s even worse.

But with the shoulderpod S2, it was super easy!

Trading currencies while lying in bed

shoulderpod s2 fx

Wathching YouTube

shoulderpod s2 youtube

No need to hold the iPhone with my hands.

Same thing when you using the phone sitting up.

shoulderpod s2 internet

It’s so convenient that I found myself using the shoulderpod S2 all the time!


Attaching the shoulderpod S2 to the GorillaPod Hybrid

I attached the Quick Release Clip on the bottom of the shoulderpod S2 grip so that I could use it with my GorillaPod Hybrid.

shoulderpod s2 joby quick release

This is what it looks like when connected.

shoulderpod s2 joby gorillapod

It’s stable and I think it’s going to be easier to use than the GripMount that I was using because I won’t have to worry about the phone falling off.

shoulderpod s2 gorillapod docked


the shoulderpod S2 as a grip for taking videos/photos

It’s definitely much easier to take videos and photos with the grip on.

shoulderpod 2 iphone 7

The dbrand skin improved the grip on the iPhone by alot, but I still felt scared of dropping the phone when taking pictures with the iPhone 7.
By using the shoulderpod S2, you can significantly reduce the risk of dropping your phone.

The iPhone 7 has built in image stabilization so with the shoulderpod S2, I should be able to take some decent steady shots!

This is what it looks like with the Rode VideoMic Me attached.

shoulderpod s2 iphone 7 videomicme

(Check out this post for more on how to use the VideoMic Me with the iPhone 7)


Packing the shoulderpod S2 in my Peak Design Everyday Backpack and Sling

The shoulderpod S2 is a bit bulky but I always carry my Everyday Backpack or Sling with me so packing it is not a problem.

With the Everyday Backpack, you can stick the GorillaPod with the shoulderpod 2 attached into the side pocket.

shoulderpod s2 everyday backpack

Storing the shoulderpod S2 by itself is not going to be a problem of course.

shoulderpod s2 everyday backpack sidepocket

The Everyday Sling can carry the shoulderpod S2 without any problems too.

shoulder s2 everyday sling

You can easily stick it in vertically inside the main compartment.
Or you can store it in the accessories pocket because the material around the pocket can stretch a lot.

shoulderpod s2 everyday sling pocket



I really like the shoulderpod S2!
I wish I can recover from my cold so I can go outside and use it!

There is one thing to watch out for when you buy the shoulderpod S2.

The older model which is the S1 is still being sold so make sure it’s the S2 that you are getting!

shoulderpod s2 video side


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