Finally Arrived! Peak Design Everyday Sling – A Review

Peak Design Everyday Sling review

Worth the wait. A Sling that you want to carry around, Everyday! 

Personal best-buy of 2016 along with the Everyday Backpack!

The Everyday Sling was delivered to me one day following the arrival of the Everyday Backpack.
I was worried when only the Leash arrived, but now that I’ve received everything, I am glad that the waiting part is finally over.

For a review on the Everyday Backpack, check out this post.

I was out with the Everyday Sling all day yesterday so today I’m going to be reviewing it!

Conclusion first, this bag is also very awesome.


Who is Peak Design?

For info on Peak Design and how I got to know about the Everyday Sling, check out the Everyday Backpack review!


Peak Design Everyday Sling – Review

Everyday Sling – Functions and Specs

The best way to get to know the Everyday Sling and its features and specs would be to go to Peak Design’s website.
You can get a feel of how great the sling is by just watching this video.

In this review, I’m going to focus on the aspects of the Everyday Sling that really stood out to me after spending some time with it.

If I were to list all the things that I liked about the Everyday Sling, the list would end up being very long so I narrowed it down to four!

  1. the sling utilizes the outside of the bag, not just the inside
  2. you can dock it with a carry-on bag
  3. you can get stuff in and out of the bag without taking it off your shoulder
  4. it has a handle for easy carry

Let’s look into each one, but before that, some pictures of the Everyday Sling right after it arrived to set the scene.
Peak Design Everyday Sling PackagePeak Design Everyday Sling
Side by side with the Everyday Backpack.
Everyday backpack and sling side by side
Its definitely got a smaller footprint than the Everyday Backpack so if you’re not carrying too much load, the Sling would be a lighter carry.
Let’s fill it up!
Everyday backpack and sling inside
It fits more than I expected!
Peak Design says that a 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina would fit.
The X1Carbon was just a tiny bit large for the sling.

  • When I have to carry my laptop, I’ll reach for the Everyday Backpack
  • When I don’t, I’ll go with the Everyday Sling

You can alternate between the Backpack and Sling depending on what you’ll be carrying.


The Sling utilizes the outside of the bag, not just the inside

You can use the straps on the outside of the Everyday Sling to attach things like tripods.
Everyday backpack and sling tripod
Peak Design Everyday sling with joby
The same straps can be loosened to expand the sling.
Peak Design Everyday sling cinched down
Peak Design Everyday sling expanded
Comes in handy when you have extra things to carry.


You can dock it with a carry-on bag

The docking function on the Everyday Backpack is wonderful but the Everyday Sling can dock too!
Peak Design Everyday sling docking with flightcrew5
There aren’t many slings that allow you to do this.
This is how the Everyday Sling looks, docked with the FlightCrew 5.
Peak Design Everyday sling docking with flightcrew5 back
You can go on short trips with a suitcase and just the Everyday Sling.


You can get stuff in and out of the bag without taking it off your shoulder

The Everyday Sling and Everyday Backpack share the same concept.
Being able to get stuff in and out of the bag without taking it off your shoulder is a common feature that both bags share.
Peak Design Everyday sling access to stuff is super easy
Peak Design Everyday sling strap adjuster
What allows this magic to happen is this.
What you do is slide the strap adjuster along the strap by catching this metal ring with your finger.
Loosening and tightening the strap is super easy with this mechanism.
Peak Design Everyday Sling adjusting strap


It has a handle for easy carry

Peak Design Everyday Sling handle
It is also rare for a sling to have such a sturdy handle as the Everyday Sling.
When you’re on crowded trains or inside small shops, you can always carry the bag by the handle.
Super cool.



I am very very happy with the Peak Design Everyday Sling.
Along with the Everyday Backpack, this is probably my “best buy” of 2016.
When I’m not carrying my PC, which is most of the time, you’ll definitely see me with the Everyday Sling!
Peak Design Everyday Sling in Shibuya


How to get your own Peak Design Everyday Sling

They probably don’t sell them in Japan yet so your best option would be to get it directly from the Peak Design website (currently on pre-order).
They ship to Japan too.

The bags are expected to ship December 15, so it may not come in time for Christmas but hopefully, it’ll make it here by new years!

Peak Design Everyday Sling and Tokyo Tower


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