Peak Design Has Been Releasing Some New Bags

I was looking at Peak Design’s website the other day and noticed they had released some new bags.

They look damn good!

I was most interested in the Everyday Sling 5L

everyday sling 5L

I have been a fan o the original Everday Sling for about a year now.

Go see review of the original Everyday Sling

The original was 10L in size, which gave it an advantage of being able to fit a lot of stuff for a sling bag.

You had to be careful not to over pack it because it could end up being too heavy to carry on one shoulder.

I also felt that the original was too big at times, when I just wanted to go out for a quick errand and didn’t have to carry many items.

In such circumstances, the Everyday Sling 5L could be the perfect bag.

It can also fit the DJI Spark. which is a big plus for me.

The original had tie down straps on the outside and I would put my JOBY there, but those straps are gone on the 5L so I’ll have to see if I can still carry a JOBY.

We will find out soon once I receive it in the mail.


New colors now available for the Everyday Backpack

everyday backpack

The popular Everyday Backpack is now available in tan and all black.

Go see review on the Everyday Backpack

I really like the black coloring, very stealthy.

But I’ve been using the AER backpacks recently and I also ordered the new backpack from Wandrd so I’ll be passing on this one, but still looks good.


Where to get the Peak Design bags

They sell them on amazon!

You can also get it directly from the Peak Design Website.
If you’re just getting the Everyday Sling 5L, it’s $99.95 so considering the USD:JPY exchange rate and shipping cost, it could be better to just get it on Amazon.

If you’re getting the Everyday Backpack or multiple items, you should consider getting it from the Peak Design website.
They ship to Japan too!


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