The Bag Finally Arrived! Peak Design Everyday Backpack – A Review

Peak design everyday backpack a review

Worth the wait. A Backpack that you want to carry around, Everyday! 

Personal best-buy of 2016!

There were some bumps along the way, like the Leash camera strap arriving without the bags, but we finally got there.
The Everyday Backpack arrived the following day and the Everyday Sling one day after that.

It was freezing in Tokyo the day the Everyday Backpack arrived.
But I couldn’t wait to take the bag outside and test it out!

Conclusion first, the bag is awesome!
How awesome?
Let’s get into the review!


Who is Peak Design?

Peak Design is a San Francisco based company that people in the know go to for high quality camera gear

I found out about Peak Design when I was looking for interesting stuff on Kickstarter.

It was back in September 2016.

Peak Design had just introduced the Everyday Bag Series on Kickstarter.

kickstarter everyday bags peak design
The Everyday Bag series includes:

  • Backpack
  • Sling
  • Tote

“Seems really functional and yet looks cool”

That was my first impression of the bag.
I eventually backed the Backpack and Sling.

After making the pledge, I actively monitored the campaign as it progressed.
And as I was watching the project move forward, and eventually become one of the most successful campaigns in the history of Kickstarter, I began to get a feel of what Peak Design was about.

I found out that Peak Design was a company based in San Francisco that made camera gear.
Their signature product is the Capture Clip which is used to attach cameras to backpacks, belts and pretty much whatever.
Introducing that product on Kickstarter was how Peak Design originally got started.

Following the successful launch of the Capture Clip, they went on to release other gear like straps and messenger bags, which were also a big hit.
Peak Design had grown into a company where people in the know would go for beautifully designed and functional camera gear.

I followed the Everyday Bag Kickstarter campaign from start to finish.
I even got up in the morning (Japan time) to watch the closing party live stream that they organized when the campaign ended.

What I saw from all this stalking was Peak Design’s attitude towards developing products:

  • transparency through timely status updates
  • active and timely communication with backers (they answer basically all questions)
  • constructive attitude towards user feedback

To my eyes, that was the kind of company Peak Design was.
And the Everyday Backpack was the bag these guys were trying to introduce to the world.


Peak Design Everyday Backpack – Review

Everyday Backpack – Functions and Specs

The best way to get to know the Everyday Backpack and its features and specs would be to go to Peak Design’s website.
You can get a feel of how great the backpack is by just watching this video.

In this review, I’m going to focus on the aspects of the Everyday Backpack that really stood out to me after spending some time with it.

If I were to list all the things that I liked about the Everyday Backpack, the list would end up being very long.
I’m going to narrow the list down to the top seven things.
Every day, 7 days a week, that’s how I came up with seven.

  1. you can access the backpack from the side
  2. the backpack utilizes the outside of the bag, not just the inside
  3. you can dock it with a carry-on bag
  4. the bag stands on its own
  5. you can get stuff in and out of the bag without taking it off your shoulder
  6. handles on both sides for easy carry
  7. straps don’t fall off of my shoulders

Let’s look into each one, but before that, some pictures of the Everyday Backpack right after it arrived to set the scene.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack パッケージPeak Design Everyday Backpack パッケージ タブ
Peak Design Everyday Backpack 開封
Side by side with the Arcteryx Arro 22 that I introduced the other day.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Arcteryx Arro 22 side by side
Peak Design Everyday Backpack Arcteryx Arro 22 from the topPeak Design Everyday Backpack Arcteryx Arro 22 bottom of bags
Looking good!

Let’s fill it up!

Peak Design Everyday Backpack whats in the bag
No issues packing this load.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack bag full
The latch allows different levels of expansion depending on the load so the bag swallowed the hoodie with ease.


You can access the backpack from the side

peak design everyday backpack both sides open
It’s hard to get stuff out from the bottom of a normal backpack right?
With the Everyday Backpack, you can access the backpack from both sides so getting stuff in and out is super easy.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack side access
The zipper tabs on the side pockets are one of a kind.
They transform quickly into a pickpocket security feature, but that’s not the only reason it’s in a loop.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack side zipper tab

Catching this loop with your finger becomes a habit which allows quick and easy opening/closing of the pocket.

The bag also has a pocket for a laptop.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack PC pocket
It fits my X1 Carbon which has a rather large screen.
Next to the laptop pocket is another pocket that is perfect for wallets and card cases.
I have in there my bellroy travel wallet that I regularly use as a card case when I’m not traveling.


The backpack utilizes the outside of the bag, not just the inside

I want to touch on the hidden straps on the Everyday Backpack.
The straps are conveniently tucked away towards the bottom of the backpack so it doesn’t dangle when its not in use.
These straps can be used to attach stuff like yoga mats and tripods to the bag.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Drone front
Peak Design Everyday Backpack Drone bottom
Drones are easy to attach too.
You can do skateboards as well, which I’ll be trying out soon.


You can dock it with a carry-on bag

Another awesome feature of the Everyday Backpack that I want to show you is this.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Drone docking with flightcrew5Peak Design Everyday Backpack Drone docking with carry bag
You can dock it with a carry-on bag!

The pictures show the Everyday Backpack docked with the FlightCrew 5.
The backpack is definitely coming with me on my next flight.


The bag stands on its own

I’m taking the Everyday Backpack outside now!

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Drone stands on its own
There aren’t many backpacks that stand on their own.
When you use bags, day in and day out, you know the benefits of a bag that stands on its own.
Personally, this may be the best thing that I like about the Everyday Backpack.


You can get stuff in and out of the bag without taking it off your shoulder

Having to take it off your shoulder to get something out is probably the biggest disadvantage a backpack has compared to a handbag.
The Everyday Backpack levels the playing ground.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack easy access from side
The secret sauce that makes this possible are these things.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack strap adjuster
The custom built strap adjusters glide effortlessly along the super smooth straps making it easy to swing the back in front of you while not having to take the backpack off your shoulder.
Loosen strap, swing bag around, open side pocket.
In one smooth motion.
Peak Design Everyday Backpack
Peak Design Everyday Backpack fast access
Peak Design Everyday Backpack point and shoot


Handles on both sides for easy carry

Normal backpacks have one handle at the top.
The Everyday Backpack has two more on the sides.
Peak Design Everyday Backpack side handle
You can carry it sideways, briefcase style if you fancy that.
It also comes in handy when getting the bag off a shelf or an overhead bin.


Straps don’t fall off of my shoulders

This was something that I could only find out after getting my hands on the backpack.
My shoulders are extra sloping and I have issues with many backpack straps that easily fall of them.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack rear
The straps on the Everyday Backpack work just fine!
I think the width of the straps is helping here.

Do you think the Everyday Backpack has a Gundam like look (Transformer more so??)? 
Peak Design Everyday Backpack and Gandam
Peak Design Everyday Backpack and Gandam 2



I am very very happy with the Peak Design Everyday Backpack.
I purchased a lot of things this year but is probably my “best buy” of 2016.
The Arro 22 is a great backpack but it’ll probably be the Everyday Backpack that I’ll be reaching for most of the time.

I think Peak Design accomplished something very special with this backpack.
Considering that they did this one their first try at making a backpack, I won’t be surprised if they turn into a mega brand in the near future.
Peak Design Everyday Backpack and Sling


How to get your own Peak Design Everyday Backpack

They probably don’t sell them in Japan yet so your best option would be to get it directly from the Peak Design website (currently on pre-order).
They ship to Japan too.

The bags are expected to ship December 15, so it may not come in time for Christmas but hopefully, it’ll make it here by new years!



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