I got a response from Peak Design! The Everyday Backpack and Sling are on their way!

Pleak design everyday backpack and sling are on their way

The other day, I wrote about how I received a package from Peak Design but;

As it turns out, the items aren’t sent out as one package but multiple packages.
When a company sells stuff on Kickstarter, they have to send out a lot of items all at once.
This method of shipping is commonly used to keep the shipping costs low.
So I read in the comment section of the Peak Design Kickstarter page.

But I can’t track the other items because I only know one tracking number.
So to be on the safe side, I sent an email out to Peak Design just in case.

I received a response from them today so I’m going to share that with you!


In the response from Peak Design were tracking numbers for the other items!

Great! So they were indeed shipped!

Tracking, tracking…

Ok good, one package has already arrived at the nearby post office.
The other one is already in Japan as well!
Which is coming first, the Everyday Backpack? Or the Everyday Sling?

I’m getting excited all over again!


Shout out to the Peak Design’s customer service team

Peak Design is currently in the process of sending thousands of bags to people all over the world who bought them through Kickstarter.
And in the weeks to come will be the official launch of the Everyday Bag to the public and the holiday season.
It must be super busy at the Peak Design head quarters.
Regardless, they responded to my email on a timely basis and it made me very happy let alone reassured.
I really felt glad that I backed this company on Kickstarter.

The Everyday bags were listed on the Peak Design website available for pre-order.
They are expected to ship on December 15 so they may not reach Japan by Christmas but hopefully make it in time the new years!





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