Package from Peak Design came today! But the Everyday Backpack and Sling weren’t inside!

Package arrived from peak design but where are the bags

The Backpack and the Sling weren’t in the package, only the Camera strap came

Just as I predicted yesterday, a package from Peak Design arrived today in the mail.

But, there was a slight accident.

What I backed on Kickstarter were:

  • Everyday Backpack
  • Everyday Sling
  • Leash

What arrived was just the Leash.


I built up too much excitement that the shock was too big for me to handle.
The motivation to drive me through the day fell to zero during the morning.


Sent an email out to Peak Design just in case

Looking at the comments on the Peak Design Kickstarter page, there seems to be a lot of other backers going through the same experience.


Products are shipped in different boxes so there is a chance they could get separated during transit.
So don’t freak out when they don’t arrive together.
OK. That’s good to know.

However, there was only one tracking number on the shipping confirmation email.
When I track that, it says that the “package has been delivered” and there is no other way of tracking the other packages.

I wanted to be on the safe side so I sent an email out to Peak Design.
The support email address is

I attached a photo of the package that came.


According to the info on the comments page, in most cases the other packages would arrive after a couple days.
I’m going to wait it out a few days and if the packages don’t arrive, I’ll follow up to see what’s going on.

As much as I want to get my hands on the bags, I want to enjoy this experience as well because it’s these small bumps that make backing on Kickstarter exciting.


The Lease by Peak Design is a very nice camera strap!

ピークデザイン Leash カメラストラップ
The only product that arrived, the Leash turned out to be a very nice product!
I’m going to play around with it until the bags arrive!



Update: December 8, 2016

I got a response from Peak Design!
I wrote about it in this post.



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