The dbrand iPhone 7 skin is giving me a better grip on my phone

dbrand iphone 7 skin

The iPhone 7 is so slippery I know I’m going to drop it

The drop risk on the iPhone 7 is the highest out of all the iPhones that I’ve owned because of its larger size, round corners and slippery surface.

I know a case is going to improve the situation but I don’t want to use a case!

So I was searching for options other than a case and came across dbrand which is a company that makes skins for smartphones.
They are a Canadian company but they ship to Japan so I decided to buy!
It took 2 weeks for it to arrive but it’s here!


dbrand iPhone 7 skin matte

dbrand iphone 7 skin package
With one package, you get two sheets.
One type covers the camera bump more than the other.

I decided to try out the one that covers the camera bump because I thought it would look better.
dbrand iphone 7 skin back
dbrand iphone 7 skin camera
dbrand iphone 7 skin sidedbrand iphone 7 skin the other side
Putting on the skin was easier than I thought!
(You’ll need a hair dryer)

The finish is really good!
You almost don’t notice that there’s something on the phone.

The skin definitely improves grip.

One concern is that the skin would peel off from taking it in and out of the quadlock case.
I’ll have to test it out soon.

I am very happy with how nice the skin attaches to the phone.
With this finish, I am thinking already about getting one in bamboo finish!
dbrand bamboo

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