Quad Lock – the best smartphone mount for your bike! (a review with discount info)

quad lock

Being able to mount your smartphone on to your bike and use it as a navigation is really handy when you’re traveling on your bike or just riding in town.
That’s why I got a smartphone mount for my Cannondale Hooligan 2017.

The first one I got was a real simple one.
A plastic board that you wrap around the handle bar with velcro.

フーリガン 2017 ハンドル

It seemed to get the job done, but it turned out to be a pain in the ass to use because the way it works is you secure your phone onto the plastic board using two strong rubber bands and this:

  • prevents speedy attachment and detachment of the phone (sucks when you want to take a picture or make a call)
  • messes with the manner mode switch on my iPhone SE


So, I started looking for a new smartphone mount that met the following criteria:

  • easy and fast attachment/detachment of phone
  • simple and minimal design that won’t clutter up the nice looking handle bar of the Cannondale Hooligan 2017

I’m so excited I found the perfect one!


Quad Lock review

The video says it all.

Doesn’t it look great??
It actually is!!!

To use the Quad Lock with your bike, you’re going to need to buy both the:

  • Quad Lock Mount Pro and
  • Quad Lock Case

They make cases for all iPhones after the 5, so if you’re an iPhone user, this case and mount is going to be perfect for you.

This is what was in the package that arrived the other day.

Quad lock iphone se

With the mount comes with four rubber bands (Large 2, Small 2) and two plastic bands.

The iPhone SE looks like this with the case on.

Quad lock iphone se

I normally prefer to use my iPhone without a case.
When I first got the case, I was planning on using it only when I road the bike.
I put the iPhone into the case once, and I never took it out. The case is that good.
The bumps on the back of the case become a nice gripping point when I reach for the phone in my pocket and its so convenient!

The pictures below shows the Quad Lock mounted on to the Cannondale Hooligan 2017 handle bar.
No clutter what so ever.

quad lock iPhone handle bar

quad lock iPhone handle bar

I wanted to put the mount on the stem but the fit wasn’t too good because the Hooligan’s got a thick stem.

So I put it on the handle bar and it fits perfectly!

I put it towards the center of the handle bar, right where it starts getting thinner as you go outward.
I used the larger rubber band on the inside and the smaller rubber band on the outside and it worked like a charm.

I’ve only used it in the city but there’s no need to worry about the phone falling off or anything like that.
Very stable.

If you really want to clamp on the mount to the handle bar, you can use the plastic bands.
I’m just using the rubber bands for now so I can take the mount on and off and test it on different bikes.

Works in both landscape and portrait. Awesome!

quad lock iPhone sideways

quad lock iPhone vertical


Where can I get it cheap?

You can get the Quad Lock on Rakuten.

On Rakuten, the case and mount are selling for 4,040 Yen each so its going to be 8,080 plus shipping to get both.


How to get it cheaper

Or you can get it directly from Quad Lock.

It’s 7,800 Yen when you buy it directly from Quad Lock so it’s a little cheaper.

You can use the discount code QL-FRIEND-3154 when you check out and get an additional 10% discount so you can get it about 1,000 Yen cheaper than Rakuten.
Shipping to Japan is free if the order is more than 1,200 Yen.

This is how I got my Quad Lock by the way.
They ship from Australia and it took a little more than a week for it to arrive.
If you want it quickly, you should order from Rakuten.


The Cannondale Hooligan 2017 is getting more and more of a joy to ride!!



2 Responses to “Quad Lock – the best smartphone mount for your bike! (a review with discount info)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Sorry to say that their mechanics and design are subpar compared to others on the market. Please, check out Rokform products. They are far superior.

    • Thanks for sharing!
      I like the Bicycle Stem Phone Mount.
      The magnet mechanism looks pretty tight!
      Again thanks for sharing!

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