HONNS Gloves – Super Warm, Super Comfy, and Works With a Smartphone – A Review

honns oliver gloves

HONNS, good looking, feels super good, works with smartphones and is perfect for winter

Tokyo was super cold this week, literally freezing!

tokyo cold ice

A pair of knitted gloves that I was using last year broke apart so I was looking around for a new pair.
I found the perfect pair at Shibuya Seibu Department Store!

They’re from a company called HONNS.

I googled the company and it appears that they have been in the business for quite a while, making gloves for companies like Nike.

I personally like gloves with the thumb and index finger missing, like the Etre Touchy Gloves, because I can use my iPhone and camera like I’m doing it with my bare hands.
The HONNS looked really nice and they felt soooo goood when I put my hands in them so I decided to buy!

I’ve been using them everyday since and like them so much that I’m going to do a review on it today!



I pair I got is called the “Oliver”.

honns oliver m size

The color is on the conservative side but I liked it because it looks very high quality and it would go well with suits and coats and that sort of stuff.


Looks pretty tight and slick

It’s made out of leather and is pretty thick, but the stitching is done very nicely and it looks tight and slick.honns oliver gloves top

The build quality is quite impressive!


The inside of the glove feels soooo goooood

I probably wouldn’t have bought it just for the looks but when I put my hands in them, they just felt sooooo gooood.

honns oliver gloves inside

The fur like material on the inside is super warm and comfortable.


You can kind of use your smartphone with them

The thumb and index finger is screen sensitive and the response is good.

honns oliver gloves finger tips

Typing with the gloves on and other tasks that require precision is going to be a challenge but taking photos should be doable after getting use to it.



I got it in size M.
FYI, this is how big my hand is!

honns gloves oliver size



I’m really liking the HONNS!
I’ve been using it everyday for the past 2 weeks and they’re holding up pretty well.

honns oliver gloves palm

It’s pretty pricey so if you could get them on sale, that would be great.
I got them on sale at Seibu Department store but it looks like they are on sale at a couple of shops on Rakuten.

Stay warm!


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