Throw out your Selfie Stick! Black Eye, the wide lens for the Smartphone Review

Throw out your Selfie Stick! Black Eye, the wide lens for the Smartphone!

Black Eye Wide Angle


They introduced it in a TV program a few weeks ago and I thought I’d give Black Eye a try.

I normally do not take selfies and do not own a selfie stick.
I don’t put my iPhone in a case and as a matter of fact, this was my first accessory that I purchased for my iPhone.

Back in the day, like 20 years ago, I would swap out the stock antenna with those that lit up every time you made calls.


Remember these?

There were also those stickers that you put on the back of the battery to make the signal stronger.
I remember everyone worrying if they had reception in the restaurant because the signal would get noticeably weaker inside a building.

Nowadays, I rarely care about reception because its pretty decent everywhere I go.


Who would of thought 20 years ago that you’d be putting on wide lens on your phone to take pictures.



Why did I decide to get the Black Eye?

Because of the design

The over sized lens, golden accents, large clip, the fish logo, all add nice touches to the overall design, making it appealing just by itself.

Of course, it does what its supposed to do very well; take pictures with a wider angle.
You won’t be needing those selfie bars to take selfies no more.

No that I’m unemployed, I would go wondering off on my own during the day more occasionally and I thought it would be something nice to have.

It arrived from Amazon and I already gave it a try.



Black Eye Wide Angle Lens Review



Really nicely made. 


Fits an iPhone perfectly.
It probably won’t work with thick cases.

The clip covers the inner side of the lens when not attached to a phone to prevent the lens from getting dirty.


There’s a cap for the outer side of the lens so you have to try not to lose it.

The lens is pretty big and is not something you want to be carrying in your pocket all the time.
It’ll fit in a bag with no problem so I’m using the small bag that came with the lens and sticking it in mine so I can have it with me.


Photos are taken from the same location, aiming at the same spot.

            Without Len                            With Lens


            Without Lens                            With Lens


Totally different!!

The corners are stretched a bit but that’s how it is with wide lenses.
If you look closely, the focus tends to get blurry as you go away from the center but its not the end of the world.

The spider picture has reflections from the sun, so you’ll have to watch out for those when taking pictures where its really bright.\




I am very happy with my purchase

Looks good, shoots good and functionally good, so I’m happy with the purchase.



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