One month into No poo


I wrote in a different post that I’ve been doing “no poo” for a while.

For those of you, like me, who haven’t caught up with recent trends, “no poo” is the method of washing your hair without the use of shampoo.
In Japan, its called “yushan” or “shampooing with hot water”.

I recently found out about it but it looks like its been around for a while.

Celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Jessica Simpson  Adele are advocates of “no poo”.
In Japan, people like Tamori and Masaharu Fukuyama are known for not using shampoo (or so they say).

Its been a month since I went no poo and I thought I’d give a status update on how things are going.
Before I do that, lets go over how the no poo method is done.



The upside of no poo

No poo has a lot of merits

  • Restores the health of your scalp by preventing shampoo from washing out all natural oils from your head
  • Hair grows stronger as your scalp restores health
  • Prevents hairloss from unhealthy skin
  • Save shampoo costs, brings down the water bill



The No poo Method

No poo is easy

You just take out the shampoo, that’s it.

Your hair will become clean just by rinsing it with water so focus on the scalp.

Three important points to remember are:

  • Use warmer water (38−40 decrees Celsius)
  • Don’t scratch with your nail, massage the scalp gently with the fingers
  • Wash the scalp throughly 



I made it through a month without shampoo

The first week was the hard part

It’s said that if you make it through the first week of no poo, then you’re half way there.
Having gone through it myself, I totally understand the first week being an important milestone.

To begin with, my hair is thin and soft with a few loose curls.
No dandruff and not too oily.

I used to use hair wax but don’t use it anymore after I’ve started no poo.

The first few days were really tough.
My hair and scalp got really oily. The hair got heavy from the oil as well.
It also took longer for the hair to dry after taking a shower.
It didn’t smell bad, which was confirmed by people other than myself.


Things started to change after the first week

After about a week into no poo, the natural oils seemed to have backed off a bit and it didn’t bother much any more.

The texture of my hair hasn’t changed much but it feels a bit harder.
This is a welcome change because my hair didn’t have much volume before.

About a month into no poo:


It’s said that the real benefits of no poo become noticeable months into the process so I’ll keep you posted!


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