3 Reasons Why I Stopped Using My Electric Toothbrush. Found the Perfect Alternative!

why i stopped using my electric toothbrush

Everything is great after changing to the “Easy to clean” Toothbrush. I even found a perfect cap for it!

For the past 5 years or so, I’ve been lazy and using an electric toothbrush.

At home, I had the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean and on the road, I was using the Panasonic Doltz.

What made me start using an electric toothbrushes was hearing someone say that they were more effective in keeping teeth clean.

Recently however, I’ve noticed leftover plaque in between my teeth after brushing and decided to tryout the old fashion toothbrush for a change.

The results were so good that I got rid of all my electric toothbrushes!

Today, I’m going to tell you the three good things that I experienced after ditching the electric toothbrush!


I got the “Easy to clean” Toothbrush.  12 for 1200 yen, that’s 1 for only 100 yen!

The toothbrush that I got is called the “Easy to clean” Toothbrush, which has super good reviews on Amazon JP.

Go check out the “Easy to clean” Toothbrush on Amazon

This toothbrush appears to be based on the work of Shigeyoshi Tanabe, a toothbrush meister.

磨きやすい歯ブラシ 裏

It costs 12 for 1200 yen so that is one for less than 100 yen (1 USD)!


Three good things about changing to the “Easy to clean” Toothbrush

You’re buying a pack of 12 toothbrushes so you’ll always be able to use a new and clean one

The replacement brushes for the sonicare weren’t cheap so I wasn’t changing them as often as I should have.

The “Easy to clean” Toothbrush costs less than 100 yen per brush so you can always open a new one without thinking too much about cost.

磨きやすい 歯ブラシ

It feels good to be using a new brush, not to mention the health benefits of brushing your teeth with a clean one.


Getting rid of the charger and accessories removed the clutter from my sink

The charger and accessories for the sonicare were taking up precious space around the sink.

Getting rid of these items removed so much clutter from the sink area that it makes me happy!

I leave the “Easy to clean” Toothbrush standing like this so it doesn’t take up much space.


(The tooth brush stand is from MUJI)


Easier to control than an electric toothbrush so no more leftover plaque

It may be that I wasn’t good with the electric toothbrush but the amount of leftover plaque went down noticeably after changing to the “Easy to clean” Toothbrush.

It’s easier to control how much force is being applied to the teeth so I don’t have to worry about brushing too hard.

One thing that I do have to watch out for is to maintain appropriate brush time, because it’s going to be more work compared to an electric toothbrush.


Found the perfect toothbrush cap for the “Easy to clean” Toothbrush

The “Easy to clean” Toothbrush doesn’t come with a case so I was on the look out for a case or cap that I can use when taking the toothbrush with me on the road.

I found the perfect cap at the store today!

Check out the toothbrush cap on Amazon

Perfect size!

磨きやすい歯ブラシ ハブラシキャップ

Now I can take the “Easy to clean” Toothbrush with me on trips and not have to worry about the brush getting dirty.

磨きやすい歯ブラシ お泊りセット


Update on what’s been going on recently: my health is finally recovering

I’ve been having health issues since last December and have been mainly staying at home trying to get better.

I spent most of April in Hokkaido, doing onsen therapy.

And finally, I am getting better now.

The onsen in Hokkaido worked!

Someday, I want to write about my onsen therapy experience in Hokkaido.

But for now, I will be spending the month of May studying for an exam that I am going to take in June.

I was originally planning on starting my studies in January, but this wasn’t possible because of the condition that I was in.

I don’t know how much I can accomplish in just one month but I am going to do my best!

In May and June, I am expecting the following cool items to arrive:

  • Arcboard Aileron (new electric skateboard)
  • Peak Design Field Poach
  • Moment iPhone 7 wide lens

After I take the exam, I will be reviewing these items so stay tuned!

Have a great Golden Week (holiday in Japan) and I see you all in June!

tokyo tower



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