My Knog Lights Were Stolen Today and it was 99% My Fault

my knog lights were stolen

My Knog lights (front & rear) were stolen today at the Roppongi Hills bicylce parking area

It’s been a while since something bad as this happened.

Just as I got my bike out of the bicycle parking area at Roppongi Hills and started heading home, I felt something odd, something unusual.

I found out right away what it was.

My Knog lights were both missing.

They had been stolen.

I really liked them Knogs so that’s sad and they had cost around 7000 yen so obviously, that’s a bummer too.

But what sucks the most is my carelessness that caused this incident in the first place.

This incident was definitely preventable and so today, I am going to write about what I was doing wrong and what I am going to be doing going forward.


Where the incident happened

Bicycle parking space at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

Environment: Kept very clean. Security cameras and security guard patrol. Definitely among the best for a commercial facility.

Main users of the bicycle parking space: Mainly people that work at Roppongi Hills and people that come for shopping

There are definitely more adult users compared to kids so I mistakenly and naively assumed that the probability of theft was low.

Nonetheless I had put my bike in the elevated racks to lower the possibility of someone messing with my bike as much as possible.


The reason my Knog lights were stolen

There’s one simple reason.

I had left my Knog lights attached to my bike.

It only takes seconds to take the Knog lights off of the handle bar and seat post.

It’s like asking someone to take it!

It was a miracle that they didn’t take my saddle bag and Quadlock mount.


What I will be doing from now on

helmz h10 handle posthelmz h10 seat post

I won’t leave anything attached to the bike anymore.

I will be keeping everything in my saddle bag and carry that around when I park the bike.

The saddle bag fits snugly in the Peak Design Everyday Sling.

peak design everyday sling with saddle bag peak design everyday sling with saddle bag in bag

I will be needing a new front light so I got a new Knog light for the front only.

They had them on Amazon but they were expensive so I got them from Rakuten, which has better points.

For the rear, I got reflector tapes on Amazon and I will be sticking that on the seat post.

This kept the loss from theft at 4000 yen.


Season for cycling has arrived!!

The weather recently has been perfect for riding bikes!

Be careful and don’t make the same mistake I did and let some loser spoil our awesome bike life!




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