I sold the Hooligan 2017 and got the Helmz H10

sold-the-hooligan 2017-and-bought-the-helmz-h10

The Hooligan that I just bought.
The Hooligan that I liked so much.
The Hooligan that is still brand new.

That Hooligan is now gone.
I sold it.


Why? Only one reason. Speed.

Or lack thereof.

Looking back at an article that I posted right after I got the Hooligan, I was already a little worried about the speed.
At first I thought maybe it was because I wasn’t used to biking yet.

However, after getting overtaken by girls on cross bikes and even grandmas on e-bikes, I had to come to the conclusion that it was the Hooligan that was slow.

In my view, the reasons for its lack of speed are:

  • small tires
  • it has only three gears

Everyone is telling me:

“Are you stupid? That is so evident!!”

But again, that is why they say love makes you blind.


Should I sell it? Should I keep it? Days of distress continue

I debated many times whether I should sell the Hooligan or not.
Other than the fact that its slow, I love the bike!

After giving it long thought, considering all aspects, financial and emotional ones included, I decided that speed was the crucial factor.
I decided to sell the bike for a faster one.


The New Bike that I got was the Helmz H10

Helmz H10  

This was an easy choice for me.
Before spotting the Hooligan 2017 at y’s road in Shinjuku, I was planning on getting a Helmz.

It may seem like a bike from a different genre, but to my mind there were a lot of similarities:

  • only one gear in the front makes the bike simple and sleek!
  • not too serious of a bike, perfect for urban use!
  • unique looks!
  • in the same price range!


Initial thoughts after switching to the Helmz H10

Hooligan 2016 and Helmz H10

  • got faster
  • big tires roll better for an easier ride
  • easier to get into bike racks at shopping malls (the front brake disk on the Hooligan would hit the rack)

In terms of performance, there were only advantages so I am satisfied with the change.
But the joy of owning something is much greater with the Hooligan.
I will miss it!



Lessons learned

Small bikes are perfect for:

  • short rides
  • slow rides
  • limited parking space

In hindsight, none of these applied to me.

Love does make you blind.



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