Nopoo 3 month update. Added Kabosu Conditioner to the routine

kabosu conditioner with nopoo

It’s been three months since I started, but I’m still doing nopoo.
My hair doesn’t get oily anymore so I think I’ve passed that phase now.
On the other hand, sometimes my scalp would get itchy from dryness.

So I changed my routine a little bit:

  • No more scrubbing, use just gentle strokes on the scalp
  • No more hot water, use regular temperature
  • After washing with water, apply Kabosu Conditioner and wash it off.

Kabosu is a type of citrus fruit and this conditioner is giving me good results so I’m going to write a little about it today.


Kabosu Conditioner

kabosu conditioner ingredients

The ingredients are:

Citric acid
Glycerin ethanol
Kabosu juice
Hot spring water
Wormwood extract
Aloe vera extract
Xanthan gum
Lavender Oil
Orange oil
Rosemary oil

It doesn’t contain anything that’s bad for you.

The label says “Conditioner for Soap Shampoo” so originally, it’s used to turn hair that’s become alkaline from the soap shampoo back to acid.
I decided to use it hoping that it’ll take care of the dryness and itching.

It’s working pretty good so far.
The itching has gotten better and my scalp feels more refreshed.
Also, my hair’s gotten straighter and smoother.

kabosu conditioner

I’ve tried both washing the Kabosu conditioner out immediately after applying it, and also leaving it on for a while.
For me, washing it out immediately seems to produce better results.

I’m going to give this a try for a while and see what happens!



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