Devaluation of the Hyatt Card under the “World of Hyatt”

Hyatt card devaluation 2

The Hyatt Card issued by Chase Bank is a must have credit card for Hyatt hotel users.

The’re not issued in Japan so it was a card worth considering if you had a chance to spend some time in the US.

On top of the extra points that you get for using the card at the Hyatt, I personally viewed the next three as the killer benefits of the card:

  • Upgrade to Platinum Status
  • Free stay every year at category 1-4 locations
  • Status boost depending on card spending (Annual spending of $20,000 counts for 2 stays/5 nights, additional $20,000 counts for 3 stays, 5 nights)

The other day I wrote about how the Gold Passport Program is changing to the World of Hyatt.

Under the World of Hyatt, they are getting rid the status boost benefit.


Devaluation of the Hyatt Card

Under the World of Hyatt, the status tiers will be determined based on “Nights” (no more “Stays” threshold).

The “Nights” required to reach Globalist (the equivalent of Diamond) is 60 nights.

Discoverist Explorist Globalist
Nights 10 30 60
Base Points 25,000 ($5,000) 50,000 ($10,000) 100,000 ($20,000)

Under the Gold Passport Program, if you spent $40,000 annually with the Hyatt Card, you were rewarded 10 nights that counted towards Diamond.
That is gone under the new program.
50 nights wasn’t easy to begin with so 60 nights is going to be pretty tough…


Will I hold on to the Hyatt Card?

Under the World of Hyatt, holders of the Hyatt Card will get the Discoverist status.
You will still receive the anniversary free night award.

In Japan,

  • Grand Hyatt Fukuoka
  • Hyatt Regency Naha
  • Hyatt Regency Tokyo

are all category 3 locations.
Considering that a stay at each of these locations is going to cost more that 20,000 yen, you can easily recover the annual fee of $75.

Who knows? They can always bring back the status boost so I’m going to hold on to the card for a while and see how everything pans out!



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