Hyatt Gold Passport is changing to “World of Hyatt” – for better or for worse? For worse, probably

world of hyatt

I found out about it this morning from an email from Hyatt.

As of March 1, 2017, the Hyatt Gold Passport Program, that I have known and loved for the past I don’t know how many years, is changing to the “World of Hyatt”.
It’s not just the name that’s changing. The program itself is getting a major overhaul.

Today I’ll be touching on what’s changing the most: the new “Elite Tiers” and the “requirements” to reach each status level.


Who is going to be affected most from the “World of Hyatt” change?

This is very clear.

The people that are going to be affected the most, are the people who were 

barely making Diamond through 25 Stays.

This includes myself.

Under the “World of Hyatt”, only nights will count towards elite status, not stays.

In order to achieve Globalist, which is the equivalent of the former Diamond, you need 60 nights.

That’s tough.

That’s spending a sixth of the year at Hyatt.

You can also make Globalist by accumulating base points.
You need 100,000 base points to get to Globalist.
In order to get 100,000 points, you will need to spend approximately 2,000,000 yen at Hyatt so this is equally as tough as the 60 nights.
(It’s “base points” that counts towards elite status. Bonus points from your elite status and also using the Hyatt credit card won’t count)

I’ve summarized the new elite tiers and the requirements needed to reach each level below:

Discoverist Explorist Globalist
Nights 10 30 60
Base Points 25,000 ($5,000) 50,000 ($10,000) 100,000 ($20,000)

As for Hyatt credit card holders, we will be getting Discoverist Status under the “World of Hyatt” instead of Platinum.


Globalist, here I come!

It certainly will become tough to reach Globalist, but the perks will be getting better for those who qualify.
Under Diamond, suites were excluded from free upgrades, but they will be included for Globalists.

I’m definitely not going to make it this year, but next year, I wanna be able to call myself, the Globalist!!
(That sounds lame though. I like Diamond)



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