HYATT devaluation – SVP answered questions about “World Of Hyatt” Today


I was able to wake up at 3 AM this morning (Japan time) to watch the reddit AMA.

Conclusion first, I should never have left my cozy bed.

I summarized what went wrong into three points.

The important point will come last.


The Email with the link to the AMA never came

It clearly says in the AMA invitation that an email with a link to the AMA is going to be sent on the 16th.

world of hyatt ama invitation

Well, it never came.

It turns out that other people participating in the AMA also didn’t get the email so clearly it’s an operational error on their end.

Fortunately, googling took care of the problem, but clearly, I already had bad feelings for how this was all going to turn out.


AMA not handled well, response was very slow

Jeff (SVP) did mention that this was his first AMA experience.
Furthermore, I do think the spirit of doing something like this is good.

However, their responses to the questions were just too slow.
30 minutes into the AMA and he only addressed like 10 out of 200 comments.

The AMA was extended an hour and it did seem like they were able to touch on a majority of the comments but it was just too much for me to bear at 3 AM in the morning.

I can understand their position too so I really can’t blame them but the answers that they gave were all boiler plate and nothing of much value in my opinion.

I was mainly concerned with the changes to the Hyatt Visa Card so it was good to be able to confirm that:

  • free anniversary award will remain
  • night count boost depending on credit card spend is gone


The results of the AMA is available for everyone to see

The results of the AMA can be seen here so there was no need for me to wake up so early to see it live.

It was interesting to find out that mostly everyone participating had something against the new program (not that it was unexpected).
I kind of felt a little sorry for Jeff because everyone was hitting him with criticism, but he held up well.

Still, not worth waking up at 3 AM.


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