High Quality Drawstring Bag, Perfect for Onsen and Sento – MOCHIBAG!!

mochibag onsen bag

Have you heard about the “Mochibag”? The highly functional drawstring bag from KICKSTARTER

I’ve been sick since last December and am still having a hard time recovering (it’s already April…).

With hope of kicking my immune system back into action, I am here in Hokkaido for some balneotherapy (hot spring cure).

haneda wakkanai

I love onsen (hot spring) but this is the first time I’m going to be spending time in one for a week!

onsen gai

What kind of bag do you take to an onsen or a sento (public bath)?

Things that you might want to bring with you are:

  • towel
  • coins for locker
  • water
  • shampoo, soap
  • phone, wallet, etc

That’s pretty much it right?

I used to use a random plastic bag until I found this awesome drawstring bag.

It’s called the MOCHIBAG!

mochibag on the stairs

What’s so good about it?

It is:

  • durable!
  • easy to use!!
  • looks great!!!

MOCHIBAG is an American brand that came out of KICKSTARTER.

Today, I’ll be introducing the MOCHIBAG.




The model that I got is called the NEW ORSO BLACK mochi Slim Size.

The Slim Size measures at 43cm x 35cm and is a perfect bag for an onsen/sento.

whats inside the bag

Let’s get everything into the bag.


Easy to get things in and out of the bag because it’s a drawstring bag

mochibag open moxibag with stuff inside

The bag opens up wide.

There’s a small pocket with a zipper on the side, perfect for coins, keys, phones and stuff like that.

mochibag zipper pocket

Fits snugly in a dressing room basket.

mochibag cart

Here is a side by side with the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L so you can get an idea of how big the mochi is.

mochibag peakdesign everyday backpack

Go see review on Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L


The MOCHIBAG is easy to carry

The straps on the side connect to become a handle.

mochibag handle

The cords are easy to grip too.

mochibag cord

There’s even a whistle.

mochibag whistle


The material used on the MOCHIBAG is super durable

mochibag flat

The material and cords seem like they’ll last a life time.

The outside of the bag is water resistant.

If the inside of the bag should get dirty, you can easily turn the bag inside-out and wash it.

mochibag inside out

The MOCHIBAG is just a useful bag to have around

Other than taking it to the onsen/sento, I use the MOCHIBAG when going to the golf driving range or just to the nearby convenience store.

You can fold up the MOCHIBAG and take it with you on trips.

mochibag flat other side

It becomes useful when you go down to the beach or when you want to explore the city and don’t want to be carrying a large bag.

You can use it backpack style too.


MOCHIBAG weakpoints

I really like my MOCHIBAG and I can only think of one weakpoint.

It’s expensive!

It cost me $67.75, including shipping to Japan.

7000 Yen for a drawstring bag is pretty steep.

But when you consider that it’s going to last a life time, maybe it’s justifiable!


Where can you get the MOCHIBAG?

You can get the MOCHIBAG directly from their WEBSITE.

They have different models so it’s just fun looking and comparing the different bags.

Go to the MOCHIBAG website


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