Travelpro Platinum 7 22″ Rollerboard Suiter Review

travelpro platinum 7 22 トラベルプロ プラチナム


The Travelpro Crew 8 that I reviewed previously was my first Travelpro purchase.
Not so long after that I got the Travelpro Platinum 7 22″ Rollaboard Suiter.

The Platinum series is Travelpro’s premier line and the 22 inch cost me 300 USD back then.
The series has since changed its name to “Platinum Magna” and the current model is the Platinum Magna 2 22″ Expandable Rollaboard Suiter.
I personally prefer the design of the Plat 7 that I had then the current model.

The Platinum, being the maker’s top of the line model, has a noticeably higher quality than the Crew 8.
It’s like the took every aspect of the Crew and bumped it up one notch.



So how was the Platinum?


Travelpro discloses the dimensions of L22″ x W9″ x H14″.

ANA’s carry on limits for international flights are W55cm×H40cm×D25cm (W22″×H16″×D10″)

So based on catalog specs, it should be fine but when you actually measure the length of the carry-on, its 59cm.

That exceeds the limits by a little bit but I’ve never been stopped with the bag when using JAL business class.
The design of the bag makes it look larger than it is so it won’t be greeted well in economy class on a crowded flight.

I was able to store it wheels first in the business class overhead bin (Boeing 767).



I personally thought it looked much better than the Crew 8. I was asked a few times what my suitcase was at the airport so I’m probably not alone on this.

Wheel sound

One of the most important aspects of a carry-on.
It’s really quiet and no complaints here.



Travelpros are light and the Plat 7 was no exception.
The frame was sturdier than the Crew 8 so the stability of the suitcase was much better.


Outer pocket

Similar to the Crew, it has a very functional outer pocket.
Easily accessible at the airport security gate to take out laptops and liquids.



Similar to the Crew 8, it has a long handle so you don’t have to worry about kicking the bag with your heels when walking.
Made out of metal and looks very durable.


Main compartment

Dead space is kept minimal and you can pack a lot of stuff.
The lining looks and feels much better than the Crew 8 but still looks cheap.
You get the patented bars on the suiter which help prevent wrinkles on you clothing, which is the same on the Crew 8.

The bag is expandable so you can travel overseas just with this case.




I found the functionality of the Plat 7 and the bang for buck to be very high with the Plat 7.
I will recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a 22 inch size carry-on.
Compared withe the Crew 8, you get much better quality and design so you’ll be happier owning it.

If you can shed out the few extra money, I would definitely for with the Plat.


With the addition of the Plat 7 to my collection, my TUMI 22020 was kept on the sideline for a while, but after a few weeks, the size of the Plat 7 started bugging me so I eventually went back to the 22020.

The Tumi 22020 has a 20 inch size and I really loved the smaller foot print but the bag had a major design flaw.
The feet on the bottom is curved of the edges and when you pack the bag, it tips over backwards.
This was really stressful.

TUMI apparently was aware of this flaw and when the upgraded the Alphas to Alpha 2, they got rid of the curved edges and made them square.
It seemed as they that took care of the problem but no, the Alpha 2 had a different major issue and it still had the tipping over problem.

I haven’t had good thoughts on TUMI since then.
Anyways, I plan to write about the design flaws on the Alpha 2 in the future so stay tuned!

I held on to the Plat 7 for a while but I eventually let it go.
I still had good thoughts about the Plat 7 series so I got a 26 inch size and used it when I moved overseas to work to carry a months worth of clothing until my stuff arrived.
The bag on the far left is the Plat 7 26 inch. You can tell the size difference by comparing it with the 22020 on the right.


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