ACTON BLINK S (Electric Skateboard) Finally Arrived!

ACTON BLINK S electric skateboard that I ordered on Indiegogo finally arrived today!

The Acton Blink S finally arrived at my doorstep today.

It’s been three months since the original shipment date of December but it was well worth the wait.

Here it is!

acton blink s package acton blink s box

It’s pretty heavy.

I had to pay taxes of 1700 yen upon delivery so shipping cost was around 10,000 yen ($79 to the shipping agent).

Shippiing was $150 on INDIEGOGO so I was able to save around $50.

Let’s open it up shall we!



acton blink s full package

Because I was a INDIEGOGO backer, it came with a backpack an extra charger.

The backpack is actually pretty good.

acton blink s backpack

acton blink s backpack rear acton blink s on backpack front acton blink s on backpack acton blink s side backpack

It’s got a lot of pockets so it can work as an everyday backpack.

It holds the ACTON BLINK S nicely too.

You can strap the board onto the Peak Design Everyday Backpack too.

acton blink s everyday backpack acton blink s everyday backpack top

But the ACTON BLINK S is quite heavy and I’m worried that the thin straps of the Everyday Backpack will break so I won’t be doing this.

A light board like the Penny Board shouldn’t be a problem.

The board itself looks really nice.

acton blink s front side

acton blink s rear up

The build quality is amazing.

The wheels are super huge at 83mm.

acton blink s wheels

The board is larger than a Penny Board and is a smaller than a regular skateboard.

acton blink s skateboard penny board


Power on the ACTON BLINK S!

Let’s power her on!

acton blink s side

Once you turn on the power, the lights on the side light up.

You can’t turn off the side lights.

When you turn on the remote, the lights in the front/rear light up.

acton blink s front acton blink s rear

You can turn the front/rear lights on and off using the app.

acton blink s app acton blink s app speed

You’ll use the app to switch between the different modes (beginner, normal, pro) so you should download the app.

The board comes preset on pro mode.


Recharge the ACTON BLINK S

acton blink s charging

One thing that’s awesome about the ACTON BLINK S is that it stands up!

It won’t take up that much space.

The board came 85% charged.

The remote uses two triple A batteries, which comes included.

You can go skating right out of the box.


Rode the ACTON BLINK S (just a little)

It was raining today and I still wasn’t feeling well so I tried out the board inside my apartment building.

It is fast!

The brakes are on the strong side so I almost fell forward!

Definitely have to get used to it.

March 27, 2017 update

I rode the board a little more today and the brakes aren’t so abrupt as yesterday.

Maybe the brakes need some “break in”.

Nonetheless, this is going to be fun!

I really want to get better soon so I can take it outside!


Buy the ACTON Blink S

You can get the Blink S electric skateboard from ACTON’s website.

They occasionally do special offers so you might be able to get a good deal if you check the website from time to time.

(You can get up to $85 off if you go from the link below)

Go see ACTON’s website



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