The Most Beautiful Soap – MOONSOAP (A review)

the most beautiful soap moon soap

I’m still going strong with just using a soap bar in the shower.

How’s it going you may ask? It’s going very well actually.
I didn’t have any issues when I was using shower gel so there hasn’t been any visible changes on my skin, but I think its gotten smoother.
Could very well be placebo.

However, it’s clear that the shower room is less cluttered and I’m saving money from not buying shampoo or shower gel.
So over all, I’m really happy I made the switch.


My new hobby – looking around for soap bars

I’ve come to realize that there’s so many different kinds of natural soap bars out there.
So whenever I’m at the LOFT, I look around to see if there’s anything new.

I look for two things when buying a soap bar:

  • it’s made out of natural ingredients only
  • it’s got a good story

The first point is obvious.
I switched to soap bars because I didn’t want to use chemicals that were bad for the body.

The second point may need some explanation.
There are different kinds of soap bars out there but in the end they’re soap bars.
The way they’re made is pretty much the same.

The function of one soap bar is not going differ much from the other.
If that’s the case, I prefer to choose a soap with a nice story.
Like the Allepo soap, which has thousands of years of history behind it.

It just makes using the soap more fun!

A few days ago, I found a beautiful soap bar that meets both of these criteria!


The Most Beautiful Soap – MOONSOAP

Soap bars are usually sold in blocks, wrapped in vinyl without much care for appearance.
These MOONSOAPS are elegantly wrapped in Japanese paper like material with drawings that represent the characteristics of each soap.

It’s a fancy piece of soap!

moonsoap phiphi and akita

It turns out that MOONSOAP is a company based in Japan and their soap is made by craftsman in Thailand.
The material used to make the soap are also locally made and selected in Thailand.

The Moon Soap is made by blending different kinds of oils to come up with a series of soap bars with different concepts.

moonsoap 成分

For example, the soap bars that I got, the PhiPhi and Akita:

The Phi Phi is made out of:

coconut oil,
rice bran oil,
palm oil,
red palm oil,
sodium hydroxide,
ylang-ylang oil,
patchouli oil,
lavender oil,
rosemary extract,

The concept of the soap is “Tropical Islands” and the soap gives a refreshing after wash.


The Akita is made of:

rice bran oil,
palm oil,
coconut oil,
sodium hydroxide,
grapefruit oil,
rosemary oil,
rice bran,
rosemary extract

The concept of the soap is “Akita Bijin (Beautiful lady from Akita)” and it gives a moisturizing after wash. 

Other soaps in the line up include the Aloha and Shanghai and others, which makes me want to collect all of them!
The soap itself looks as nice as the packaging and it feels mottainai just using it.

I’ll have to use up my Aleppo soap first before I transition to this so I’m using the Aleppo more then I should but oh well.

They sell MOONSOAP at Rakuten too so check it out!



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