HELMZ H10 Campagnolo Zonda C17 Wheel Mod

helmz h10 Campagnolo Zonda C17 mod

Ride Faster on the Helmz H10 – Campagnolo Zonda C17 Wheel Mod

As part of an effort to increase the speed of my bike, the Helmz H10, I recently did a bullhorn handle mod.

Go see post “HELMZ H10 Bullhorn Handle Mod”

This time I’m swapping out the wheels!


Parts that you’ll need for the wheel mod

The wheels that I went with were the Campagnolo Zonda C17.

My HELMZ H10 has Shimano derailers, so naturally, I chose the Shimano model.

I bought the wheels from Wiggle.

They ship out of the UK but they arrived without any issues.

They cost me around 40,000 JPY.

The Zondas cost around 50,000 JPY on Rakuten so I got a pretty good deal.


Campagnolo (カンパニョーロ) ZONDA ゾンダ C17 ブラック シマノ用 ホイールセット【自転車】
価格:53400円(税込、送料別) (2017/8/24時点)




Tools that you’ll need to swap out the wheels

You’ll need some special tools to remove and reinstall the sprocket (gears on the rear wheel).

bike hand

I got the cheapest ones I could find on Amazon.

They’re called the Bike Hand !

They got the job done with no issues.


Other than that, the tools that I got when I changed the tire tubes came in handy.

Go see post: “My Helmz H10 Got a Flat! Changing Tubes on a Bike for the First Time”


I wasn’t sure if I needed rim tape, but I appears that the Campagnolo Zondas don’t need rim tape.

Swapping out the wheels wasn’t that hard because I had changed tubes/tires before.

At first, I didn’t use the adapter that came with the Zondas and that was causing some rattling noise.

After I inserted the adapter, the noise went away so with the Helmz H10, it looks like you should be using the adapter.


Impressions on the Campagnolo Zondas

I’m going noticeably faster now!

I also like the sound the wheels make when they’re gliding.

I removed the stickers on the rims so it matches the design of the HELMZ H10.

I’m digging the looks!

I am very happy with the handle and wheel mod!

helmz h10 zonda







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