Changed the Tires on the Helmz H10 to ThickSlicks and They Look Cool!

Helmz H10 Thickslick

Size of the ThickSlicks that you are going to need for the Helmz H10 is 700 x 28c

I recently wrote a post about getting a flat tire on my Helmz H10 and about how I changed the tubes.
Since that went well, I decided to change the tires too!

The width of the tires originally on the Helmz H10 is 32c.
Generally speaking, the bike’s faster if the tires are thinner.
If I’m going to be changing the tires, I thought I’d look around for something thinner than the stock tires.

I found the following tires to look cool on the Helmz H10:

  • Challenge Strada Bianca 700 x 30c
  • Thick Slick 700 x 28c

Challenge Strada Biancas are hand made tires and they seem perfect for town use.
The classic looks of the tires surprisingly goes well with the Helmz. (pic taken from Narifuri)
challenge strada bianca helmz

ThickSlicks look cool too. (pic taken from Narifuri)
thickslick helmz

The slick tires look like they’ll be super fast on smooth surfaces.

I debated for a while and finally decided to go with the ThickSlicks.


Why I went with ThickSlicks

Actually, I wanted the Challenge Strada Bianca 700 x 30c.

But they were

  • expensive (double the price of the ThickSlicks)
  • not in stock (both Rakuten and Amazon JP)

so I went with the ThickSlicks.

They had ThickSlicks on Rakuten so I got it from them.


価格:3390円(税込、送料別) (2016/12/23時点)


The tools that I got for changing the tubes came in handy again.
tools to change tire
helmz h10 thickslick tire
Here it is!
helmz h10 thickslick 700



ThickSlicks are holding up pretty well!
Helmz H10 Thickslick closeup
I’m still not used to them so I’m a little scared of them slipping but they are doing well so far.

Is the bike faster?

Can’t really tell but I like the damn looks!



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