Quad Lock (Smartphone Mount) – Follow Up Review

     Quad Lock Follow Up Review

The Best Smartphone Mount for your Bike – Quad Lock

I did a review of the Quad Lock in a previous post and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now so I thought I’d do a quick follow up review on it.

Currently, I have it on my Helmz H10.
The handle post on the H10 was too short so the Quad Lock is attached to the handle bar, like how I had it on the Hooligan.

The handle bar on my H10 is curved but Quad Lock works without any issues.
The same set up as I had on the Hooligan, large rubber band on the inside, small rubber band on the outside.


Easy attachment/detachment is awesome with the Quad Lock

The best thing I like about the Quad Lock is that its got such a small foot print but is so easy to attach and detach.

I shot a quick video to show you how it works.

Your smartphone isn’t going to come off because its so sturdy (unless the rubber band breaks of course).


Where can you get the Quad Lock at a discount?

You can get the Quad Lock on Rakuten.

On Rakuten, the case and mount are selling for 4,040 Yen each so its going to be 8,080 plus shipping to get both.


How to get the Quad Lock cheaper

Or you can get it directly from Quad Lock.

It’s 7,800 Yen when you buy it directly from Quad Lock so it’s a little cheaper.

You can use the discount code QL-FRIEND-3154 when you check out and get an additional 10% discount so you can get it about 1,000 Yen cheaper than Rakuten.
Shipping to Japan is free if the order is more than 1,200 Yen.

This is how I got my Quad Lock by the way.
They ship from Australia and it took a little more than a week for it to arrive.
If you want it quickly, you should order from Rakuten.



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