Went All the way to Matsumoto to Buy Bread but They Were All Sold Out


The other day I had a sudden urge to eat a Milk Bread that I saw in a magazine.
It looks sooooo gooooood.

komatsu milk bread

So I decided to head out to Matsumoto (in Nagano) where the bread shop is located.
Matsumoto is about a 2.5 hour train ride from Shinjuku (Tokyo).

To get to Matsumoto, we’re going to take the Super Azusa express train from Shinjuku!

suica ペンギン 新宿



Arrived at the Komatsu Bread Shop a little past noon but…


The MIlk Bread was all sold out.

What a bummer…

They told me that next time, I should call one day prior so that they can hold on to one for me the next day.
I guess I’ll have to come again.

Everything in the shop looked delicious so I bought four different kinds of bread.
All of them were super good but the “Siberia” was insanely good.

I probably wouldn’t have got it if I had bought the Milk Bread, so I guess everything turned out ok.


A Stroll in Matsumoto

I still had time to kill until my train ride back to Tokyo so I had a nice walk around town.
It was full blown Autumn in Matsumoto.

Nice weather to be out walking around and taking photo shots.




What?! New Release from Hi Standard? Big surprise at Tower Records

I walked into Tower Records nearby Matsumoto station without a specific purpose and I was surprised to find a new CD from Hi Standard.

That can’t be?! They broke up!!

It turns out they just released a new song on October 5.
It’s been 16 years since their last release (has it been that long….).

On the train back to Tokyo, I googled to find out what was going on and it turns out Hi Standard released this CD without any prior promotion and they’re only selling them in CD stores.
From what I read, the employees working at CD stores didn’t know about the release until the morning the CDs arrived.
The objective was to get people to go to CD stores again. 
Get them to remember what it was like to find something new every time you went to the record shop.

Come to think of it, I used to spend hours at Tower Records, searching for something new when I was young.
I haven’t been to one lately because I get everything on Amazon now.

The only remaining large CD shop that I can think of within the Yamanote Line area in Tokyo is probably Tower Records.

I should go and check them out sometime. 


Today was a day with new findings and also recognizing things from the past.

Good times.

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