Y!mobile vs NifMo Showdown – using the iPhone SE

I wrote in a different article about my switch from docomo to Y!mobile.

I’m happy with the performance except for that fact that I can’t tether on my Hong Kong model iPhone SE.
The data speed is stable and most of all, I’m saving 3,000 yen compared to my old contract with docomo.

Y!mobile is considered semi-MVNO because it has its own network and has high data speed compared with an average MVNO.

I was keen to find out how it would compete with the NifMo SIM so I did a speed test.
Lets look at the results.

データSIM+音声(3GB )



Results of the speed tests

iphone se nifmo ニフモ y!mobile ワイモバイル 速度 speed

I’m using my Hong Kong iPhone SE and doing the tests in Roppongi. The time is 10:00 AM on a weekday.

I’m testing the speeds two times in a row to avoid any outliers,



ymobile-1 ymobile-2

Download average 40Mbps, upload average 22Mbps



nifmo-1 nifmo-2

Download average 16Mbps, upload average 13Mbps

Y!mobile wins by a long mile.

Maybe it was a bad time for NifMo? Could be. I gave it a second chance. I’m not giving up on NifMo. I like NifMo.
I did the test 40 minutes later.


Y!mobile (take 2):

ymobile-3 ymobile-4

Download average 48Mbps, upload average 19Mbps


NifMo (take 2):

nifmo-3 nifmo-4

Download average 35Mbps, upload average 14Mbps

NifMo is doing better!

Y!mobile was pounding out solid performance throughout all tests.




I think we can say that Y!mobile delivers solid performance in terms of data speed.

NifMo showed some volatility but stilled delivered good results.

When you consider that Y!mobile costs 2,980 yen for a 3GB plan and NifMo only costs 1,600 yen, that’s pretty good performance.

With Y!mobile, talk under 10 minutes is free whereas you’ll be charged for talk with NifMo.
If you’re going to make calls, you’re better off with Y!mobile.

I haven’t been making many outgoing calls recently so I am starting to consider switching from Y!mobile to NifMo.
Then I’ll be able to tether again….

I’m going to have to give it more thought!

データSIM+音声(3GB )

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