Pioneer RAYZ PLUS – Possibly the Best All-around Earphone for the iPhone 7!

pioneer rayz plus review

The Pioneer RAYZ PLUS, earphones for the iPhone 7 with the perfect balance of good sound and good functions

Finally, found the perfect earphones for the iPhone 7

Up until today, I’ve been using the New Bee NB-L1 earphones with my iPhone 7.

Go see review on New Bee NB-L1

The New Bee was a pair of earphones that I got on Amazon for about 5000 yen.

I was overall satisfied with the New Bees because it had:

  • Lighting connection
  • Affordable price
  • Functions that I needed like mic and remote

But after a few months I began to want more:

  • Better sound
  • Noise cancellation

What I now wanted in my earphones were:

  1. Lightning connection
  2. Affordable price
  3. Mic and remote
  4. Good sound
  5. Noise cancellation

Yesterday, as I was searching the web for my next earphones, I found the Pioneer RAYZ PLUS.

And today, look at what I got!

pioneer rayz plus


Pioneer RAYZ PLUS – Review

Comes with a bunch of earphone tips

The Pioneer RAYZ PLUS comes with a lot of tips.

rayz plus earpiece

Silicon tips in 6 sizes and it also comes with Comply tips in 3 sizes.

I was able to fit the SpinFit tips in M size onto the RAYZ PLUS so I might be using those after I experiment with the Complys.

rayz plus spinfit

It doesn’t come with a case so I’m using one that I got on Amazon.

rayz plus case

The Pioneer RAYZ PLUS sounds good!

Sound quality has gone to the moon compared with the New Bees.
The sound is now wider and clearer.

Wide, clear and bright sound.

That’s what I like!


Noise cancellation is awesome!

Pioneer RAYZ PLUS has noise cancellation so it helps you focus on what you are doing in noisy places like trains and cafes.

The noise cancellation works even when nothing is playing in the background as long as the earphones are connected to the iPhone so they can function as earplugs too.

The noise canceling isn’t super strong so it’s not scary using it outside.
Using the Comply tips takes noise cancellation to the next level for super isolation.

Once you experience noise cancellation, there’s no going back!

rayz plus


Siri responds to RAYZ PLUS!

You can now “Hey Siri” without taking your iPhone out of your pocket!

This is actually pretty convenient, you can ask Siri to make calls or play songs as you walk without reaching for your phone!


Take your RAYZ PLUS off and the music stops. Put them back on and the music starts playing again!

If you take off the earphones while you’re listening to music, it automatically stops.

And when you put them back on, the music starts playing again!

This is super useful! Or that is what I thought.
There were times when the music wouldn’t pick up after putting the earphones back on.

I wish that they would fine tune this in the upcoming updates to the firmware or app because I find this function to be super useful if it works properly.


Charge your iPhone while you use the RAYZ PLUS!

I initially thought I wouldn’t be using this function.
It was quite the opposite, I was taking advantage of this neat feature on the first day.

rayz plus charge

I actually found this to be useful, especially when I’m listening to podcasts during the day, because I know I’ll have enough juice on my way home.


The cable is pretty thick, but that’s not a bad thing!

The cable is relatively thick because of all the functions built into the RAYZ PLUS, but I find it a good thing because they don’t get tangled.

rayz plus cable


Change settings easily using a dedicated app!

Install a dedicated app to change the settings and to fully enjoy the capabilities of your Pioneer RAYZ PLUS.

rayz plus app

I personally don’t use the equalizer but I found it to be effective when adding a little kick to the bass.



I am very happy with my purchase!

The Pioneer RAYZ PLUS is definitely one of my best buys of the year so far.

I’m going to be flying in August so I’ll check out how the noise cancellation performs on airplanes!



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