Peak Design – Travel Backpack 45L – Review

1 Peak Design Travel BackpackOne Bag Travel. Travel Backpack, Full of Functions.

Looks great, functions great. But…

I’ve always been a fan of Peak Design’s bags and have owned and used the Everyday Backpack and the Everyday Slings.

Peak Design is a popular camera accessory brand and they are known to make highly functional bags.

In 2018, they came out on Kickstarter to make a Travel Backpack an so naturally, I backed the project.

As with all Peak Design Kickstarter projects, the Travel Backpack was a huge success and the backpack arrived towards the end of December and it’s been sitting in the corner of my room since.

I haven’t been using the bag at all and I probably won’t be doing so in the future.


Stick around to find out!

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L.



Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L – Review

Travel Backpack – Functions and Specs

The best way to get to know the Travel Backpack and its features and specs would be to go to Peak Design’s website.

In this review, I’m gonna focus on the aspects of the Travel Backpack that really stood out to me and also the points that I didn’t like.

  1. you can access the backpack from the side
  2. the backpack utilizes the outside of the bag, not just the inside
  3. you can dock it with a carry-on bag
  4. the bag stands on its own (I like this the most)
  5. made from quality materials
  6. heavy
  7. the straps don’t work well with my shoulders (this was the deal breaker for me)

The things that I like about the bag are pretty much the same as the thoughts I had for the Everyday Backpack.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise as the Travel Backpack was made based on the Everyday Backpack.




The size of the bag is huge, as it should be: you’re supposed to be able to travel the world with just this backpack.

2 Backpack line up

It’s about the same size as the WANDRD Hexad Carryall Duffel (far left in the picture) and the AER Travel Pack 2, which have similar concepts.

 3 backup line up from the side

4 backpack lineup from the back

11 main compartment open



You can access the backpack from the side

It’s hard to get stuff out from the bottom of a normal backpack right?

With the Travel Backpack, you can access the backpack from both sides so getting stuff in and out is super easy.

5 travel backpack from the side

6 travel backpack side tucked in

7 travel backpack side pocket open

8 side pocket open from side

The way it’s designed, you can get to the PC sleeve easily.

9 travel backpack pc sleeve

Being able to get your laptop out at an airport security gate is a mandatory feature for a travel backpack.

10 pc sleeve

Another mandatory feature of recent backpacks is the quick-access pocket.

The Everyday Backpack didn’t have this feature but it’s been added to the Travel Backpack.

12 quick access pocket

I use it for earphones and sunglasses.

13 quick access pocket earphones



The backpack utilizes the outside of the bag, not just the inside

One of the exciting features from the Everyday Backpack, the hidden harness straps, have been brought over to the Travel Backpack.

14 attachment straps

The straps are hidden under the front panel towards the bottom of the bag.

15 loopholes

When you’re not using the straps, they’re safely hidden under the panel which is held closed by magnets so they won’t come dangling out.

Details like this is where Peak Design is at its best.

You can use these straps to strap on stuff like jackets, tripods, etc. to the outside of the bag.



You can dock it with a carry-on bag

If you decide to use the Travel Backpack with a carry-on bag, you can haul a lot of gear.

16 docking handle

That’s when the docking capabilities come in handy.

18 travel backpack docking

19 travel backpack docking topaz

20 travel backpack docking

With a small bag like the Topaz, the setup looks very top heavy.

21 travel backpack baseline

Looking pretty good with the Briggs &Riley Baseline.

On a side note, the AER Travel Pack 2 also has a similar feature.

You can use the dual purpose docking handle to carry the bag like a duffel.

17 travel backpack duffel

22 travelpack straps

When you’re using the backpack in such way, you can make it super low profile and sleek by tucking away the shoulder straps.

Waist straps are actually hiding in this area too.

When you want stability, all you have to do is reach in and out comes the waist straps.

33 travel backpack waist straps



The bad stands on its own!! (I like this the most)

23 travelbackpack stands on its own

The Travel Backpack has a sturdy frame which enables it to stand on its own.

24 travel backpack front flap

25 travel backpack front flap main compartment

This bag won’t be tipping over easily.

This large backpack is going to end up being heavy in most cases so being able to put it down on the floor and not having to worry about the bag falling down is huge.



Made from quality materials

29 travel backpack

The Travel Backpack is made from high quality materials.

Sturdy materials are intentionally being used so that it can withstand the abuse when you have to check that bag when going on planes.

26 travelbackpack inner pockets

I personally like the feel of the mesh lining that they used for the interior.

27 travel backpack mesh pockets

This bag will take the beating, for many years to come.

27 travel backpack inner main compartment

These are all good things, but also has a negative side effect.

28 travel backpack bottom

The Travel Backpack is really heavy.




According to its official specs, the Travel Backpack weighs 2.05kg.

30 travel pack expanded

Considering that you’ll be packing the bag with a lot of stuff, the bag will be extremely heavy.

That’s inevitable and is sort of the point, after all you’re traveling with one bag.

But because the backpack is going to end up being heavy, you would want the backpack itself to be as light as possible.

The stress from the extra weight of the Travel Backpack is gonna take its tolls in the long run.

No matter how much I like a bag, I’ll end up looking for a replacement if it’s heavy.



The straps don’t work well with my shoulders (this was the deal breaker for me)

The straps of the Travel Backpack have an interesting design that allows them to be tucked away when you’re not using them.

But because they are mounted on the the bag not completely horizontally, but at an angle, they tend to fall off of my shoulders.

31 travel backpack straps

This is because I have sloping shoulders but combined with the fact that the bag will be super heavy when it’s full, the straps not fitting well is a big problem.

This is not an issue specific to the Travel Backpack and is common for me with Peak Design’s other backpacks as well.

The strap ends have a unique design to prevent them from dangling.

I really like the details such as this that go into the design of Peak Design’s backpacks so its really too bad that the straps don’t work for me.

32 travel backpack strap pull




34 travel backpack by the window

I bought the Peak Design Travel Backpack to accomplish the style of traveling with just one backpack.

I really liked the design of the bag and all its functions, but I probably won’t be using the bag for my future trips.

The deal breaker for me was the weight of the bag and the straps not fitting my shoulders well.

I still haven’t given up on the travel with one backpack style so I’ve been looking into other backpacks too.

I recently purchased the AER Travel Pack 2 so I’ll be doing a review on that soon.



How to get the Peak Design Everyday Backpack

They have it on Amazon!!

You can also get it directly from the Peak Design Website.

It’s $299.95 so considering the USD:JPY exchange rate and shipping cost, it might be better just to get it on Amazon.




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